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25 July 2006 @ 07:58 pm
New Video: Now Is The Time by Damone (LoVe)  
Yep, it's video time again! :) All shiny and new, another LoVe music video

Band/Song: Damone – Now Is The Time
Character/Ship: Logan/Veronica
Spoilers: Up to 2x22
Description: LoVe in all its glory…
Links/Size: Sendspace - 31 MB --- Megaupload - 31 MB

Notes: I just LOVE this song, so I had no other choice than making this video. It nearly took me four months to get it done, but I’m really proud of it. There are a lot of fast cuts and effects. Well, I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating it.

And sorry for the huge file size. Windows Movie Maker hates me, really, really hates me! Whenever I’ve tried to save the clip in a smaller size, the video just became a mess of pixel. :( So, I hope you don’t mind the 31 MB