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18 June 2006 @ 03:44 pm
Fic: Every Heat Wave Has Its Ice Age - Logan/Veronica NC17 1/1  
Title: Every Heat Wave Has Its Ice Age
Author: tinkabell007
Rating: NC-17 for sexuality and language
Word count: 10,966
Spoiler: Mid season 2, story takes place short after 2x08
Summary: Snark and a fake heat wave are never a good combination, especially when it comes to Veronica and Logan.
Notes: A gigantic THANK YOU goes out there to chaotic4life Without you, there wouldn’t even be a story! Thank you so much for all your help and support with this baby!!

Written for the loveathons Heat Wave Challenge; X-posted at veronicamarsfic


Veronica simply hated the fact that every once in a while even she was dependent on someone else’s help - or for this matter, on someoneelses car. For the last two hours she had been battling with whether to pay her ever loving boyfriend Duncan a visit and ask for his help, or not.

But now here she was standing in front of the hotel suite, for the last five minutes, hesitantly staring at the door. Okay, her boyfriend’s and ex-boyfriend’s hotel room, to be more specific. And latter was probably more so the reason of her indecision.

If it would have been last year, there would have been a lot of people she could have asked for help. Okay, well, actually there would have been just Wallace. But see, that was the good part about him. He was reliable and always available, totally BFF-y. But no, he had to skip town to bond with his new-found father and suddenly she was all alone again, and since her car broke down a couple of days ago and was still at the shop, Duncan was pretty much her only hope. Oh boy, dramatic much?

After several minutes had passed, Veronica finally convinced herself to pull her hand up and knock.

She waited impatiently but there was no answer.

‘Maybe no one was home?’ No, that couldn’t be right. When she had made her way to the Neptune Grand she had spotted Logan’s SUV. Well, actually spotted is not the right word to choose here – his ‘oh so yellow’ car was a little bit too ugly to overlook.

So, someone definitely had to be home. Veronica just hoped against hope, that he was alone and not having a little get-together with Kendall. She really couldn’t deal that picture right now – not that she would ever be able to deal with it.

Shuddering just thinking about the bimbo, Veronica finally heard footsteps echoing behind the wooden door. All her willpower was focused on one and only one thought ‘Let it be Duncan, Let it be Duncan, let it be…’

With a jerk, the door swung up open.

‘Of course it has to be Logan,’ Veronica thought annoyed. The powers that be must really hate her. Why shouldn’t it be Logan standing in front of her, smirking complacently. Drops of water sparkling seductively on his washboard abs and… what? Wait a minute!

Her eyes quickly travelled further down and rested on a small white towel, casually wrapped around his hips, barely outlining his state of nakedness underneath.

“Like what you’re seeing, huh?” Logan asked innocently, but his voice was drenched with innuendo, enjoying the fact that Veronica not only was checking him out but doing a very bad job at hiding it.

Veronica, still staring at a half-naked Logan in front of her, took a deep breath. Slowly she began to realize that someone was speaking to her. Well, actually not just a random someone but Logan. A Logan, just dressed in a towel whom she apparently was ogling like she would jump his bones any minute now.


Quickly, she levelled her gaze to his eyes, which were intensely staring at her. Oh yeah, not to mention his mouth, which was still curled up to a sardonic smile.

This was the last thing Veronica expected to see tonight, but she also had to admit that she loved this picture much more than finding the bimbo crawling all over him. Suddenly another though hit her. What if Kendall or some other random chick was still in there and he was just in the shower because…

“Uhm, to fulfil your very private peep-show dream here, want me to lose the towel, too?” Logan broke through her train of thoughts, leaning casually against the door frame, shooting her another trademark smile of his.

‘God, yes,’ Veronica’s mind screamed but “God, no!” she responded, trying her best to sound disgusted.

“Sure,” Logan grinned again, searching her face for the slightest sign of a blush, but failed. Old Veronica would have been red like a tomato by now, but not the new version of her. Emotions always in check and still he could read her like an open book.

It took Veronica a few more seconds to compose herself fully. “Is Duncan here?”

Logan was a little disappointed. Alright, he assumed that Duncan was the reason why she was standing outside the hotel suite, but still, is a little snark-fest too much to ask for ? After all, it was Veronica Mars and it seemed that lately it was their only way to communicate with each other. So, let the games begin.

“Oh, and hello to you too, Veronica. How I’ve been? I’m very well, thank you for asking. You know, still being charged for murder and all, but apart from that I’m peachy,” he blurted out, ignoring the question about the whereabouts of her precious boyfriend completely.

“Save it, Logan,” she snapped back, crossing her arms over her chest.

“For you, sweetheart?” He asked, flashing her another mocking smile. “Always.”

“Oh, I consider myself honored,” she retorted, not really tempted to get into another battle with him. After all, she was only here to ask Duncan for his car and then continue with her plans for tonight. “Look, I don’t have time for our usual pleasantries; Where I say something and you insult me, or whatever. So, is Duncan here or not? Because I really would need a favor.”

Logan’s smile was suddenly wiped away from his lips and his expression hardened. He pulled away from the door frame, turning around and leaving Veronica standing alone in the doorway. “Do you see him anywhere?”

Veronica slowly followed him, her eyes wandering through the suite. The door to Duncan’s bedroom was wideopen, but he was nowhere to be seen. “So, I take it he isn’t home?”

“Obviously,” Logan said tightly, stopping abruptly and turning around. “Unless…” he tapped one finger to his lips, pretending to be in deep thoughts. “Unless you want to accuse me of hiding him in the closet. I mean, that would be a new one, even for you, but at least it’s your favorite thing.”

Veronica frowned and shot him another deathly glare. “Well, I assume Duncan would be the last person I would find, opening your closet.”

“And your point being?” Logan questioned irritated before disappearing in his own bedroom.

“Oh nothing, I was just babbling.” Veronica sing songed after him, very well aware, that he would take her bait.

“No, come on, Ronnie, I know somewhere in the pretty head of yours, there is some nasty thing you so desperately want to throw at me.” He reappeared in the living room, now dressed in black jeans and a white button up t-shirt. “So, at least do me the courtesy and finish what you’ve started.” grinning at her, he flopped on the couch, flinging his legs on the small table in front of him.

“Well, I don’t know if it’s your random chick pick-up week or the special time of the month where you only shoot for your friend’s stepmothers.”

“Aw, that’s so cute of you, Veronica. And do you really think I would hide them in my closet? Especially when you’re coming around and pay me a visit?” His smile grew brighter, definitely savoring the moment.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Logan. Do you really think I’d give a rat’s ass whom you are hiding in there? Actually, I am sure you really would love the idea of parading around your latest conquest, especially to me.”

“Oh and why is that?” He asked surprised, suddenly very sensitive to her words.

Veronica froze immediately, realizing what she had just implied. And anyway, didn’t she want to avoid a longer conversation with him in the first place? Abruptly, she turned her eyes away, considering her options. Well, and she was Veronica Mars after all, famous for running away, so that was also the first conclusion that sprung to her mind.

“I don’t have time for this.” She met his gaze just before turning around and heading for the door.

“Oh and here she runs again.” Logan shook his head, not being surprised by her reaction. “You know, this little Houdini trick you pull on me every time conversations don’t go the way you plan them, gets a little old.” He stared after her, grabbing the remote. “Well, maybe next time you could try something new.” He focused his gaze to the television and was about to turn on the sports channel, when he suddenly heard her voice again.

“Try something new? Like what? Calling you on your shit?” Veronica was back at the same spot she stood in before, arms crossed and face light-red with anger. “Gee, Logan, why haven’t I thought about that earlier?”

Surprised that Veronica didn’t run, he threw the remote on the couch, drawing his eyes back to her.

“At least I’m not the one running around and breaking lamps whenever a conversation doesn’t go they way I want them to.”

“So, you admit it?” Logan asked abashed, even a little ashamed of that specific evening months ago.

“Admit what?”

“That the conversation didn’t go the way you wanted it to.”

“God, Logan. What do you think? That I sit at home all night, just plotting out our next conversation?”

“I knew you where thinking about me, Mars. Does Duncan know that I’m the one keeping you up all night?” He winked at her, grinning.

Veronica gritted her teeth.
Yep, the conversation definitely didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to be, but admit it? Out loud? And to Logan? Sure, as soon as hell freezes over.

“Sweet, Logan. You got me. Damn, should I start blushing immediately or just wait for the next time when we see each other?” Her voice was drenched with sarcasm and her eyes were glittering while challenging him.

Logan exhaled heavily, loving the sight of her. The spark of anger blazing behind her eyes, the eager tone, laying within her voice. Yes, that was definitely the Veronica he fell in love with many months ago,“Well, I guess next time when we are making out in the girl’s bathroom would just work for me.”

“Alright-y.” Veronica exclaimed cheerfully. “So, never?”

“Why? Because next time you want to join me in the boy’s bathroom? Well, fine by me.”

“Sorry Logan, but it’s not my fault that you never really got over me, still fantasising about our stupid make out session.” Okay, Veronica knew that according to his attitude towards her, he most definitely got over their relationship quickly. It took him like 5 seconds before he could find the next willing body to screw. But desperate times call for desperate measures and right now this was the only response flashing through her mind.

Logan’s eyebrows went up to his hairline, mouth slightly gaped open. It took him a few seconds to digest her statement but eventually he responded. “Excuse me? Uhm, I take “reality check for tiny blonds” for one hundred.” He faked a laugh, crossing his arms over his chest. “You really think I dream about the very special moments we had together where you were accusing me of rape and murder? Well, not to mention your break-up speech as soon as Duncan got back in the picture.“

“Yeah, right. Damn, you convinced me.” Veronica pressed her lips tightly together. She didn’t even feel the slightest urge to continue the way their conversation was heading, but it was definitely to late to retreat.

“What?” He gave her an incredulous look. “You think I’m lying?”

“First of all, you’ve never cared about what I was thinking, so why start now? And secondly, yes! Yes, I think you’re lying. But I guess, I shouldn’t be too surprised though. After all, it’s just in your nature, right?”

And again, Logan was taken aback. And not because of her accusation of him lying, that he was already used to, but he was stunned by the fact, that she thought he was still in love with her. Alright, he actually never got over her and to be honest, he was still in love with the tiny blond in front of him, but he never figured that it was so obvious – especially to her.

Suddenly, Logan realized he was still staring at her as if she had grown a second head. ‘Come on, Logan, say something,’ he told himself.

“Yeah?” he finally chocked out. ‘Yeah?! Uhm, good work, dumbass!’ He kicked himself mentally.

Now it was Veronica’s turn of raising her eyebrows. “Yeah? Uhm, that’s it? That’s all I get? I waited for this smart line of yours nearly a whole minute, while you were staring at me like I had just grown a second head…“

‘Damn’, Logan thought ‘she did notice that.’ But he was not someone who retreated easily. “So what, Mars? Looking at you is now forbidden as well?” he retorted, finally happy with his answer. Avoiding the subject and heading the conversation to another direction was always good.

Well, at least, when he was arguing with one of his dumbass monkey friends, but boy, Veronica Mars was a pesky one. Like a dog and its bone, except, he was the bone in this little scenario and she was not willing to drop it.

“I know what you’re doing,” she answered, smiling sardonically.

‘Sure you do’ he thought again. “And what exactly am I doing? You know, I’m always a little slow when it comes to the thinking process.”

“You know what, Logan? Just forget it, okay? I’m sick of this. I’m sick of trying to talk to you, I’m sick of trying to save your ass and getting threatened or killed or maybe both.”

“Well yeah, you accentuated the fact of you being sick of me months ago. Thank you very much for reminding me.” Suddenly, his voice had lost every trace of harshness. If Veronica didn’t know better she even heard the slightest undertone of sadness lacing his words.

“You still don’t get it, do you?” She shook her head, eyes piercing him. “You’re seriously clueless, why I did what I did. Why I broke up with you!”

“Well, at least I know why you dropped my ass.”

“So, is that right?” She tilted her head and glanced at him, a serious glint in her eyes.

“Because you don’t love me, you never did, you never will. It’s as simple as it sounds.” His tone was calm now and the fight was completely drawn out of their conversation. Finally, he got to call Veronica on her shit and he felt right about it. But then, one look at her face, her smiling face, and suddenly he wasn’t so sure about the part of him being right.

Veronica just sweetly smiled at him, shaking her head in disbelief. Rearranging the bag on her shoulder she had to take a steadying breath before speaking “Wow, Logan, you are predictable as always. Well, here’s a little insight for you, as you claimed being a little slow and all. Loving you was never the problem.” With these words she turned around and fled the suite, leaving a stunned Logan behind her.


The doors of the elevator were about to close as a hand suddenly shot in between, forcing them to re-open.

Veronica looked up and to her surprise found Logan standing in the frame, waiting for the doors to grant him access.

“What do you want?” She demanded, monitoring him carefully getting into the elevator.

“You cannot just drop a bomb like this and leave,” he stated, stopping inches away from her face, looking down.

“Well, then watch me doing it, because I can and I will.” She turned away from him, urgently pressing the button for the lobby again.

Logan drew out a breath. It was never easy having a conversation with her, especially when she was in her full stubborn mode. So, he relented and dropped the topic for now, storing it for a later occasion. It was time for him to switch to plan b. “So, what’s the favor you wanted to ask Duncan?”

Veronica sneaked a glance at him, a little surprised but also relieved that he dropped the topic so quickly. The last thing she needed right now was Logan asking her questions she didn’t know how to answer. Well, at least she didn’t want to answer. Instead, she gladly accepted him changing the topic.“It’s none of your damn business.”

“Oh come on, Veronica. What was the great favor you had to ask Duncan in person rather than giving him a call?” Logan suddenly frowned as a thought struck him “Wait, actually I really don’t wanna know. It’s something disgusting, isn’t it? I noticed the look he shoots you lately when you get out of the bedroom. And I really…”

“God, Logan, I just needed to borrow his car.” She interrupted his little speech, rolling her eyes in annoyance.

Logan smiled smugly, satisfied with his little show.“Why?”

“It’s…” She started, but he cut her to it.

“I know,” he threw his arms dramatically in the air. “It’s none of my business. But allow me one more question in this little game where I ask you something and you don’t answer. Why don’t you just take your own little car? Did the rust bucket finally die its much needed death?”

“It’s in the shop,” she answered shortly. “And it’s not a rust bucket.”

“Well, whatever you say.”

An awkward silence wrapped around the elevator and Veronica wondered if the ride down to the lobby always took this long or if she had managed to grab a special lift straight into hell, trapped with just her ex-boyfriend for eternity

“You know, we can take my car,” Logan suggested, breaking through the silence and looking expectantly at her.

Veronica shot him a puzzled look “You would lend me your car? You never let me drive, not even…”

“What? You think I’m crazy?” He watched her opening her mouth but interrupted her before she could form a word. “Well, don’t answer that. But did you hear the little word called ‘we’?”

“Thanks, and really, as tempting as your suggestion sounds to me, I’ll just have to pass.” Just in time, the elevator doors finally opened and Veronica quickly stepped out.

“Well, I guess than you just have to cancel whatever little adventure you have planed for tonight, because it’s either me and my car or the local bus. And as I consider latter is not really an option for you, you are kind of stuck.” Logan knew that Veronica only asked for help, or this time a ride, when something really important came along. So there was no way on earth, she would not accept his offer. It just needed a little time and convincing on his part.

Veronica released a breath and Logan could almost see her mind racing, weighing her options. It was time for his last step. “Well, obviously your mission is not as important as it seemed to be. So, have a good night and get home safely.” He winked at her, getting ready to go back into the elevator.

“Wait,” she exclaimed, making a face.

„Yeah?“ Logan turned around, having a hard time hiding the grin on his face. ‘Sometimes she’s just so predictable’

“I really need a ride,” she relented, avoiding his winning smile.

Logan chuckled. “See, was that so hard?”

Veronica glared at him, narrowing her eyes, but remaining silent. After all she had to finish the job tonight, and with Duncan nowhere to be found, and Logan conveniently at hand, she had run out of options. Now, she just had to manage not to kill him during their little mission. And believe it or not, this was even harder than teaching Dick to behave like a gentleman.

“So, where are we heading? I hope it’s the zoo, I really do like the zoo,” Logan mocked, fishing his keys out of his pockets, flipping them around his index finger.

“Why, because you feel like home?” She retorted. “Now I understand why you like the monkey house that much.”

“Well, isn’t that nice of you?” Dramatically he checked his imaginary watch. “It took you a whole five minutes before insulting me again. Losing your touch, Mars? Or are you coming down with something?

“Oh you know, just the usual pain in the ass like you,” she said lightly as they headed for the exit.

“You are still aware of the tiny fact that I’m still the one in the possession of the car, right? And who was it again, needing a ride to some mysterious and unknown destination?” He teased, sneaking a peak at her from the corners of his eyes.

Grinning she had to admit, that she really preferred the light banter much more than their battles with insults flying like daggers. “We are going to the Nep.G.W”

“The tv-station?” Logan asked incredulously but Veronica just nodded.


Barely thirty minutes later, Veronica and Logan were standing in front of a side entrance of Nep.G.W. studios, accompanied by only the safe darkness of the night.

“So, basically we are breaking into the local tv-station?” Logan announced dryly, keeping a sceptical eye on Veronica while she was fumbling in her bag, apparently searching for something.

Veronica didn’t even look up, finally a small grin creeping on her lips. “We are not breaking in,” she responded in the same dry tone. “I have the keys.” Triumphantly she waved a bunch of keys in front of his face, flashing him another ‘look at this’ smile before starting to work on the lock.

Logan eyed her for another moment, shaking his head amused. “So, we are breaking into the tv-station with the keys. Wow, I can see the improvement right here.”

Veronica rolled her eyes at him, biting her lower lip. Yeah, she knew why it was a bad, a very bad idea allowing Logan to tag along. But what other choice did she have? Irritated, she answered, her voice carrying a warning. “Yeah, we do. You have a problem with that?”

“Nope, just checking. But just for the record, this is not a crime that will go on my account. Just so we are clear, there is no way you can hold this night, later this week or month or whenever you feel the unbearable desire to run around town to blame poor little Logan, against me.” He nodded his head to prove his point, a determined tone in his words.

“Aww… poor little Logan?” Veronica chuckled, imitating his tone. “Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you easily come up with other stupid stunts I can throw at you.”

Finally, she managed to find the right key and the heavy metal door squeakily sprung open.

“Right. You know me, always up and ready for a little law-breaking. After all, someone has to fulfil the quota of rich boys stretching the boundaries of society.” He pulled away from the wall he had been leaning on, following her into the building.

They found themselves standing in a small room which merged into a long corridor. Veronica released a breath, carefully pulling the door behind them shut, determent to avoid as much noise as possible. Barely checking out the room, she wandered into the hallway and paused for a second.

“So, you have a map or something?” Logan asked, mirroring her movements, gazing at the many doors in front of them. “You know, a tour guide would also do the trick.”

“Nope, got something better,” she said confidently, wandering straight ahead, gesturing him to follow her.

“And what can be better than a map when you find yourself in a never ending hallway with thousands of unknown doors on the menu?” Logan had to chuckle about her determination. That’s one of the many things he loved about the tiny blonde. Never let it to be said that Veronica didn’t have a plan.

“Aren’t we the drama queen tonight?” She teased, smiling to herself. “We are not in the Matrix. So first; this is not a never ending hallway and secondly the chances are very slim for Agent Smith rushing out of any of these doors.” Veronica smile became brighter. “But I would have no objections if it’s Keanu and…”

“Hey, isn’t referring to the Matrix my job?” He looked wounded, but his voice was carrying a smile “Well, but to get back to the ‘better than a plan’ thing-y?”

“I don’t need a map… or a tour guide for some reason.” At his inquisitive raised eyebrow, she elaborated. “I have my brain,” she retorted.

The corners of Logan’s mouth curled up into a wicked grin, unspoken words nearly burning on his lips, but Veronica beat him to it.

“And if I hear any comment, I’ll show you what my creative mind can come up with.” Her eyes glittered with triumph as he snapped his mouth shut again.

Another minute passed without a word. They were hurrying down the long corridor while Veronica was checking every single nameplate.

“So where did you get these keys anyway?” Logan finally asked.

“Well, is that really important?”

“Hey, just trying to make some conversation here,” he said, raising his hands in mock surrender.

Veronica turned around the first corner they saw ever since they entered the building. Determinately, she looked over her shoulder. “You really wanna know?”

“Hmm…” He tapped a finger to his chin, pretending to be in deep thoughts “Do I really wanna know what hilarious trick you have pulled to get these keys? Because if I recall correctly, you’re always a little experimental when it comes to accomplishing your goals.”

“Well, my dad is kinda working on a case and he’d happened to have the keys.” Veronica had to grin, seeing the dumbfounded expression displayed on his face.

“Oh, that’s… actually that’s a little disappointing. At least I expected some dirty undercover work or something.” Logan punctuated his words with air quotes which Veronica ignored easily.

“Sorry to disappoint you,” she teased, abruptly coming to a stop in front of one of the heavy wooden doors. “I think that’s it,” she muttered more to herself than Logan, pulling another key out of her bag.

After unlocking the door easily and checking that no one else was in sight, they slipped in the other room. Well, actually it was less a normal room than more a huge studio.

“Oh my God, what is this? The mini-version of Summerland?” Veronica asked incredulously as they stepped further into the studio.

Everywhere in the room the floor was covered with sand. Three garish red deck-chairs were placed in the middle of the space, surrounded by huge palm trees. Artificial sandcastles and beach balls in all different shades of red and yellow contributed even more ambience to the total beach flash. Behind the surreal summer world, a deep blue wall had been built up, letting the room appear much larger than it actually was. And not to mention the incredible heat floating thickly in the air, making it even hard to breath.

“Actually, it’s a set for a commercial,” Logan elaborated, not being stunned by the picture.

“Yeah, I figured,” Veronica answered, still letting her astonished gaze wandering around the room. Looking back at Logan, she registered his rather bored more than surprised expression. “This is incredible,” she stated, taking some more steps into the room, sand crunching under her shoes.

“Well, when I was little, my mother dragged me from one spot to another, so if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” He plopped himself on one of the deck-chairs , pointing at the scene around them. “And this one is actually not even a good one.”

“Ahh, right.” Finally, it dawned on Veronica and a bright grin of understanding suddenly appeared on her lips. “Lilly told me about your glorious days in the spotlight. Actually she even showed me a few pictures of your baby lotion gig. Cute butt, by the way.” By now, Veronica was laughing hard, remembering the afternoon with Lilly and the incredible hilarious, but also sweet baby photos of Logan.

He just narrowed his eyes at her, flashing her his best death glare he could manage. But seeing Veronica laughing this light hearted, he couldn’t keep up his angry mask for long and had to grin. “Always knew you liked my butt, thank you very much.”

‘You have no idea’ she thought to herself, still smiling but ignoring his last comment. Actually, apart from the photos, she had never seen him completely naked. Sure, over the summer they had some very heavy and hot make out sessions, but they never went so far, as to where she got the chance to explore his naked form in all its glory. And since their break-up, she had been regretting this fact more than once.

Thinking about last summer suddenly filled Veronica with sadness. Remembering the special moments they had and still could have if his stupid attitude would have been different. If only he would have stopped being a part-time jackass, cruising around town and setting community pools on fire. The more she had shot for normalcy the less he had contributed to it. Finally, apart from her dad and Wallace, there had been someone else in her life again she really loved and started to trust, and the more she tried to hold on to that person, the more he had been slipping away from her world.

Veronica had to stop her downward spiral of thoughts. After all, she was on some sort of mission and had to keep a clear head. Snapping back to reality, she needed to focus on the situation at hand. “God, what’s up with the heat in here?” She wondered, flashing Logan a questioning look.

He just shrugged coolly. “Well, I guess it was for the models. You know, so they could fully dive into the beach feeling or something.”

“And they just forgot to turn the heaters off?” she complained, pulling off her jacket, beads of sweat already forming on her forehead.

“Hey,” he raised his arms in protest. “Do I look like I’m one of the geniuses behind this crap?”

“I guess the word genius is a term that generally can’t be used when it comes to you”

“Aw, I think I’ve heard that one already,” he said, crossing his arms behind his head, enjoying the heat hanging around them. “What do you think? how are the chances of you bringing me a cocktail?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe as soon as some dolphins swim by?”

“You do realise that there is no actual water in here, right?” he taunted.

“Well, then I guess you got my point.” She gave him a knowing look, her body already glowing.

“Oh, come on, don’t be such a drag. You said yourself that it’s amazing. So why don’t we have a little fun, enjoy the beach feeling?” He tried to sound convincing, but a certain amount of tease was still apparent.

“Thanks, but no thanks. Call me old-fashioned but I prefer the real thing. You know, real summer with actual real sun.” She nodded her head, punctuating her words.

“True, real beaches with cute beach bunnies in itsi-bitsi bikinis is more enjoyable, but what speaks against some fake action?” Watching her crossing her arms over her chest, just glaring at him, he shook his head. “And here I thought you like to fake things.”

Veronica tilted her head slightly, making a face, proceeding to ignore his remark “I don’t even like real heat waves, so why on earth should I enjoy the fake version of it?”

“Well that at least explains why you are looking like a crayfish.”

“Hmm, I have to tell you: not your best insult.” Pressing her lips together, she shot him a challenging glare.

“No, seriously, I really mean you look like a crayfish,” he said, gesturing at her face. “Red face and all.”

“And where were you as I told you that I don’t like the heat?” She rolled her eyes, a smile starting to form on her lips. ”Damn, if only I brought my bikini,” she joked, snapping her fingers in mock anger.

“Well, you know, if it helps, I don’t mind you getting undressed. Bikini or not…” Logan winked at her, a small flash of desire written all over his face. His own clothes were already clinging to his body, with every minute the idea of diving into an ocean getting more and more appealing. But the hell with him if he would reveal this to Veronica.

“You wish,” she retorted, rolling her eyes but failing to notice the way his gaze was laying on her, his eyes travelling up and down her frame.

“So, what exactly are we doing here?” He quickly asked, changing the topic. “I don’t figure you as the person who just happens to have the sudden urge to build a sandcastle in the middle of a fake summer-night,” he sneered, rising from his chair again, kicking his foot through the sand.

“Right,” she waved with fake eagerness. “I’d love to play with sand but only as long as I could dig you in until only your head looks out of it.” she finished, voice drenched with sarcasm.

“You think you’re so cute, aren’t you?” He said, a smug smile hanging on his lips.

“Yep, I think I am.” She nodded in agreement, batting her eyelashes at him. “And as much as I love chatting with you, we… or at least I’m still here with a purpose, working a case. And it would be just terrific if we could get this over and done with, preferably before the night-watchman notices our little visit.” With her forearm, she wiped some beads of sweat from her face.

“Well, first of all, it’s not a visit, it’s a break in.” He cleared his voice, receiving an angry snort on Veronica’s part. “But…” he continued, “to get back on the topic and bring my previous question into play, what exactly are we looking for?

“Here? Nothing,” she answered, glad to finally be able to escape the hell-esque heat“I guess this is the wrong studio. The one we’re looking for must be opposite this one.” She took a few seconds, her eyes checking the room one more time.

“So, how good are you at breaking out of a tv station?” Logan finally pulled her out of her stare.

“What?” She turned around, blinking in confusion.

“Well, the door is locked,” he stated matter of factly.

“And again with the ‘what’?” Her voice grew higher with every word, a slight trace of panic starting to build up. Rushing past him, she tried to open the door, but found herself just confirming his words.

“See?” Logan sneered, leaning casually against the wall, his arms linked behind his head. He definitely enjoyed the show displayed in front of him.“I must say, if I would have known earlier that this was going to be a overnight trip, I would have brought steaks, always liked some barbecue on the beach.”

Veronica answered his remark with a snort. “What did you do?” Still rattling frantically at the doorknob, she peeked at him out of the corner of her eyes, annoyed by his carelessness about the sudden shift of their situation.

“Of course,” he snorted, his voice loud and forceful. “Something wrong comes your way and Miss Nacy-Drew-wannabe here jumps right to the conclusion that I’m the evil mastermind behind it, “ he laughed without any sign of humor. “Color me shocked.”

Beyond annoyed about their snare, Veronica groaned and turned towards him, giving him her best death glare. “Well?”

“Well what?” he returned challenging.

“You were at the door.” Her voice was filled with unspoken accusation.

“So? You were the one who left the key outside in the lock,” he retorted, his patience fading, but still a certain amount of disbelief in his voice.

“But I didn’t close the door,” she yelled back right into his face. Her hands on her hips, still giving him her ‘I know you’re lying’ look.

“Neither did I,” he yelled back in the same tone, studying her huffy expression. Disbelief began to replace anger in his eyes. “You are dead serious about this, aren’t you? I have to tell you, Mars, you are unbelievable.” His anger was back in full force as he pushed himself off the wall and towards her.

“Logan…” she tried to interrupt, but stood no chance against his word rush.

“You really think this is my number one fantasy coming true here? Being trapped in some fucking film studio, where it’s so freaking hot that you could probably fry some eggs on the bare floor?” He gritted his teeth, stepping further towards her. “Well newsflash, V. Being here with you is nothing but a nightmare. No wait, scratch that! Being around you in general is nothing but hell brought on earth. Normally, around that time of the night, I would just start getting cosy with some hot brunette back at the suite, producing my very own heat wave.”

Veronica visibly flinched, through her mind flashing pictures of Logan and Kendall.

“But no, I was just plain stupid doing you a favor. And what’s the fucking hilarious bottom line here? Yet another accusation of famous teen dumb-tective Mars.” He narrowed his eyes down at her, his lips set in a thin white line, before he continued.

“Well, I wonder why Duncan’s never around lately when you come to visit him for a favor. Wearing the golden boy out too much? Is that it? Is he not manly enough to keep up with your ‘stamina’?” Logan licked his salty lips, the subtext of his words cutting sharper than a knife. And although his brain was screaming at him to stop, he ignored all the red warning lights.

Playfully, he clapped his hand against his forehead. “Oh, but wait!” He sneered, knowingly nodding his head. “What do I know about your stamina? Giving it up for Duncan couldn’t be that hard and exhausting. I guess it’s just like the very special first moment you two shared together. You know, quick as hell and no one likes to talk about it in the morning.”

The words were out even before Logan could think. But it was too late, and the only thing he could do, besides regretting them to his bones, was watching her fall apart. He knew that he went too far, his words only thrown out there to hurt her, not even close to reflecting the truth.

Veronica’s mouth gaped open in disbelief, suddenly the hot air making it even harder for her to breath. Her throat closed up as tears pricked in the corners of her eyes. As much as she wanted to set the tears free, she forced them back, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of her crying in front of him.

They had a lot of fights in the past, they had hurt each other, betrayed each other with words, but ever since they had shared their very first kiss at the Camelot, their tone had never been this harsh, never this hurtful again.

Veronica’s mind just couldn’t wrap around the way he had chosen to hurt her. The one incident in her life, besides Lilly’s murder, that still stabbed her coldly right into the heart, leaving just a black spot of weakness.

Her voice was stone-cold and collected, but her eyes staring in his and holding his gaze, just burned with pain.“You truly are an asshole” she whispered slowly, turning away from him, heading off to the other side of the room to put as much distance as possible between them.


Logan didn’t know what to do or say. He couldn’t take the words back, because, god, time travelling was still not possible. How could he let it get that far? Why was it always that hard for him to keep his temper in check, especially when Veronica was involved? Was he really nothing more than a sad fuck-up, only driven by the desire to make himself and his entire surrounding feel miserable?

He watched her settling down in the sand, legs pulled up under her chin, hands protectively wrapped around her knees. This was all but a good sign. Veronica has always been a fighter, preferably when it came to Logan. She never missed an opportunity to give him a piece of her mind. So, when the same girl just retreats and rather curls up in the opposite side of the ring, at least even then Logan got it that there had definitely been some major damage inflicted.

Slowly, he approached her, his mind working up one excuse after another, justifying the unreasonable words he had spat at her. But all his thoughts ended with only one result; that he was indeed a stupid asshole.

“Veronica,” he said under his breath, his voice thickened with unshed tears. He was now standing right behind her, looking down at her small frame. “Veronica, please,” he tried again but as she didn’t show any sign of reaction he exhaled in frustration, slowy bypassing her.

Her face was a mess of sudor and salty traces, her eyes absently staring at the wall in front of her. Some of her blonde locks were sticking to her cheek and Logan wondered if it was because of the tears she had shed or simply the effect of the heat. His heart literally broke as he took in the sight of her, knowing that his words had been the trigger of her gloom.

“Veronica, I’m sorry.” Kneeling down, he reached out, trying to touch her cheek,wiping away her hair, but Veronica drew her head away, abruptly standing up.

“Get away from me, Logan,” she hissed, her voice shakily. With the attempt to walk away, she turned around just as his hand shot forward, grabbing her upper arm and spinning her around so that she had to face him again.

The sudden movement had her stumbling over a beach ball. “Let go of me,” she yelled, trying to free herself from his grasp. Her face radiating heat, not only because of the high temperature, but because of anger cursing through her body.

“Veronica, please, I didn’t mean what I’ve said,” he exclaimed, keeping her arm in a firm hold, but not too firm to actually provide her pain, trying desperately to convince her.

“Yes, you did mean it,” she retorted sharply, avoiding to meet his eyes.

“No, please, just… just hear me out, will you?”

“Why?” She laughed snidely “Did you come up with more blasts from the past that you can throw my way? Did you just think of other hurtful things you’re in dire need to get out?” With every word, her breath pitched to a higher level. “Thanks, but I think I had my share for today.”

Logan snapped his eyes shut for a second, trying to stay calm, before he opened them again to continue. “I didn’t mean to… I wasn’t thinking. I never wanted to hurt you like this.”

“Gee, that’s always the problem with you, isn’t it? You do something stupid and the only excuse you can come up with is that you weren’t thinking. Hey, at least you kept your continuity.” She chewed on her inner cheek, her hands formed to balls, fingernails digging painfully in her palms. “Or is it just the heat? Making your brain all mushy, frying away the last few brain cells you had left?”

“I’m really sorry…”

“Aww, thanks,” she said, shaking her head incredulously “Now that we have cleared that up, could you just get out of my face and leave me alone?” Again, she tried to spin around, but again his hand forced her otherwise.

“No, Veronica. No running this time.” Determination now displayed on his face. “I need you to understand.”

“That you are a sick bastard? Thanks, I figured that out all by myself.”

Ignoring her objection he continued. “I want you to know why I said what I’ve said. I mean… not the way I actually formed the words or presented them to you. That was bullshit and you know it.” Wiping away some beads of sweat, dancing on his upper lip, he was searching for her gaze. “I need you to understand the reason for my outburst.”

Veronica considered a last attempt of escape but the pleading look in his eyes made her think otherwise. Besides, where could she run to anyway?Trapped now in the nightmare version of Baywatch, with temperatures around 100F “Fine, whatever,” she hissed “I’m listening.”

Logan thankfully breathed out. “I was just angry with you, with me… goddammit, with the whole situation at hand.”

“The situation at hand? Yeah, being locked in with me in some freaking tv-studio is really a bummer,” she said sarcastically.

“You know that I’m not talking about this exact situation. I mean you and…” Logan hesitated before he continued with a calm voice ”…and Duncan.”

Veronica was shaking her head in refusing “I don’t wanna hear it.”

“Yes, you have to.” His voice was pleadingly. “Can’t you understand, Veronica? You are always this smart when it comes to figuring out stuff. Why are you so blind when it’s about us?”

“Why are you always this stupid when it comes to us? Why are you always behaving like a jerk?” She answered with a counter question, anger starting to boil up.


“No, Logan, come on. I really wanna know. Why have you been just an incredible jackass the last few months? Was it your wounded honour because your friend got the girl and you ended up empty handed?”

“Veronica,” he tried again, his tone even more pleadingly and his eyes piercing hers.

“Or was it the fact that…”

“Because…” Finally he had enough, again the words were rushing out of his mouth even before his brain could intervene “It just hurt losing you! Dammit, it still does. And because I love you and because I lost you and I just couldn’t lose the only person left in my life I still cared about, that still cared about me,” he finished, his breathing ragged, the truth finally lifted from his shoulders.

Veronica’s mouth fell open, suddenly eyes wide open. A mixture of surprise and shock was dancing on her face, telling Logan he had her full attention.

“I think you are pretty aware of the fact that there is a slight tendency of women in my life leaving me. And I just thought or at least hoped that with you it would be different. The way you looked at me as if you saw some other person than ‘Logan the jackass’ or ‘Logan the screw-up’ just gave me the feeling that finally there was someone who believed in me, that finally I really was important to someone, that I really mattered.”

“But at the same time I knew that it was only a matter of time before I would screw that up and scare you away. I just knew it.” He let out a heavy sigh, swallowing the knot starting to close up his throat.

Now as the truth was out of the closet, Logan suddenly could breathe easier. The last few months had been real torture for him. Not just hurt by the person he had confessed his love to, he also had to watch same person running back in the arms of her truth love, constantly rubbing it in his face. His life had blended into a downward spiral and the only way of communicating with the ‘outside world’ was him behaving like a huge jackass. At the same time he was also aware of the fact that the self-destructing direction he was heading to would sooner or later end with a big bang. And considering the words he had spat at her tonight, the bang definitely came earlier than expected.

A minute had passed without a word spoken. It was just the two of them participating in a staring duel.

“Veronica…” Logan finally breathed out. There was one last thing, one last question, burning in his head and no matter what the answer would be, he had to get it out. “What did you mean by saying that loving me was never the problem?” His voice was calm and collected, every trace of anger completely vanished from his tone and a weak flicker of hope glittering in his eyes.

Still, Veronica was unable to form words, his speech slowly sinking in, her gaze clouded with tears. Her mouth was slightly gaped open, but no syllable left her lips.

Logan stepped closer, his hand reaching up to her face. He expected her to turn away again, but as his skin connected with the wet spots on her cheek, he knew his honesty has changed something between them. He allowed himself to brush a thumb along her cheekbone, wiping away the last proof of their fight.

“Veronica,” he whispered, taking another step towards her. He was now standing so close that she could feel his hot breath on her face. “I’m going to kiss you now,” he muttered, slowly lowering his head to her face, his forehead slightly touching hers. “If you don’t want me to, you just…”

But then, the words died in his throat as Veronica closed the gap between them, her soft lips crashing hard against his.

Logan’s eyes grew wide as her mouth suddenly descended on his, unexpectedly cutting off his words. It took him nothing but a mere second to shake his puzzlement off, quickly returning her kiss.

His hands were slowly travelling up her arms, brushing softly against her warm, silky skin, shooting shivers of excitement and desire through her whole body.

If someone would have told Veronica earlier that night that she would end up kissing Logan, she would have laughed at them and would have called for a shrink.

But now, here she was, her lips pressing demandingly against his. Veronica’s first instict was to push him away, ask him what the hell he was doing and maybe even slap him right in the face. But realization kicked in soon enough, pointing out that she had been the one making the first step.

She didn’t know exactly what she was doing and she was also aware of the fact that somewhere around town, there was a boyfriend waiting for her. But right now she couldn’t remember any of that. Everything that didn’t involve Logan’s lips burning against hers was just a blur and had lost all importance to her.

The only thing Veronica could do was drowning in their kiss, deepening it. Her hands shot up to his face, cupping his cheeks and pressing his lips even harder against hers, nearly bruising them. Opening her mouth invitingly, their tongues connected in a fierily battle of heat and desire. Logan clutched her tighter to him, one hand absently playing with her blond locks, while his other hand was slowly travelling down her back, cupping her ass.

In response, she pressed her body further against his, linking her hands behind his neck. Wouldn’t the incredible heat have done the trick already, by now their bodies would glow with passion.

Just as air became quite a vital necessity their lungs claimed to need, they drew apart, breathing heavily.

“You are an idiot,” Veronica panted, trying to catch her breath, sweat dripping down her forehead. Her voice was neither harsh nor hurtful, but sounded sad and regretfully.

Before Logan could react, she hooked her fingers in his waistband, pulling him back to her and kissing him again.

It didn’t take them long for the kiss to deepen, their hands becoming more and more demanding, exploring each others sticky body.

Pulling his hands under her thighs, he lifted her up, never breaking the kiss, never letting the battle of their tongues slip. Veronica quickly linked her legs around his waist feeling him already hard under his jeans. Teasingly, she rubbed her breasts against his chest, eliciting a muffled groan on Logan’s part as her nipples tickled him through his shirt.

Due to the lack of a nearby wall and with Veronica’s body rotating seductively against his hips, painfully pressing against his erection, his knees started to slacken, threatening to give in. Just before he felt them finally giving away, he pulled all his weight backwards, sinking to the floor, never letting the hold on Veronica slip.

They plopped into the sand, burying some sandcastles, which caught their fall, underneath their bodies. Logan drew his mouth away from hers, readjusting Veronica in his lap, making her comfortable. His hand reached up, tucking a few lose strands of her dampened hair behind her ears, smiling at her.

She opened her eyes, her gaze meeting his, as his hands started to travel down her arms, resting on either side of her hips. Invitingly, she slowly lifted her arms, just before Logan tucked at her shirt, which was already drenched with sweat and firmly sticking to her soft skin, and pulled it over head, tossing it in the sand.

Left only with a black, embroidered-bra, small white butterflies on each side of the straps, he pulled her into another kiss before his tongue paved its way down her neck, gently sucking at her pulse point.

Veronica moaned, her hands pressing against his chest, searching their way underneath his shirt. Logan noticed her intentions and drew back. With one swoosh his shirt was gone as well and Veronica smiled thankfully at him.

“You’ve been working out, haven’t you?” She whispered, letting her hands slide over his chest, outlining every single muscle. The feel of his naked, hot, slightly damp skin dancing under her fingertips nearly drove her insane.

Logan’s hand reached behind her back, unsnapping her bra, slowly pulling it off. Her nipples were already hard with excitement and he had to grin about the fact that his simple touch still had so much power over her body.

With no warning, he flipped them around, laying her down in front of him.Veronica now firmly pinned under his weight, his sticky body covering hers and her hair tousled and mixed up with sand. His hands lingered on her hips for a moment, before eagerly exploring the rest of her body. Slowly, they were making their way down her torso, only coming to a hold at her waistband.

Her breath was fervent and heavy as she felt him unzipping her jeans, yanking them off. His fingers rested on her thighs, slowly gliding higher and higher. She squeezed her eyes shut when he carefully brushed over her already wet panties, circling her clit.

Her moans grew louder and her hips bucked against his hands, giving into the pleasure and demanding for more. With an unexpected jerk, he ripped the panties away.

Panting heavily, she drew her eyes open, staring down at him. The fact that she was now lying in front of him completely naked and exposed brought a slight blush all over her body.

It’s not that she never had sex before, and she also knew that Logan was very well aware of that fact. But with Duncan things had been different - sex had been different. Everything was about sweetness and kindness, and although it was very nice and satisfying, she had always asked herself if this was really it - the great thing everyone so highly talked about.

But now, having Logan here with her, undressing her, his hands touching her, teasing her, shooting waves of excitement through her veins, showed her, that there was more to sex than just sweetness. It was about heat and passion. Two bodies joined in need and desire for each other, seeking release.

Finally Veronica understood it all. She understood that there was more to love than feeling safe. Love was not a safe thing with a safe life and a safe boyfriend. Love was devouring and demanding, it was dangerous and unpredictable. Most of all it was straight and real and something you can’t exist without.

And that was exactly the feeling flowing through Veronica’s body - naked and covered with Logan, his soft skin rubbing against hers. Resolved to tell him her epiphany, finally giving him the words she should have told him last summer, she forced her eyes open. But even the first syllable died right on her lips as Logan slammed two fingers inside of her, stretching her, forcing her inner walls to tremble. The words quickly forgotten for the moment, she rolled her head back, squeezing her eyes shut, a helpless cry of pleasure hanging on her lips.

His rhythm was slow but steady, anxious to increase the volume of her moans with every stroke, literally setting her body on fire. Her tiny hands were wandering up and down his bare back, her fingernails digging in his skin, leaving small scratches behind.

His mouth descended on her right nipple, sucking it, his tongue carefully trailing over her tender flesh.

Suddenly, he withdrew his fingers and Veronica groaned in fustration.

Logan took a few seconds, letting his gaze wander over the beauty of her body, taking in every curve of perfection that Veronica Mars was. A small smiled creeped on his face, just in time she opened her eyes again.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, her voice mirroring her insecurity. ‘Did he change his mind? Was this all just a game?’

“I was just thinking how beautiful you are,” he answered honestly, eyes clouded with desire, before he reached down, slamming his mouth over hers and meeting her tongue in another ferocious battle.

His hand was gliding behind her back and with one jerk, he lifted her up, gathering her in his lap again, pressing her breasts against his chest. Veronica noticed that somewhere between him teasing her breast and telling her how beautiful she was, he must have lost his jeans. The thin fabric of his boxers was now the only barrier left between their bodies, the only barrier between their release.

Very well aware of the power she had over him, she slowly started to thrust up and down his hips, rubbing herself against his erection, forcing a strangled cry out of him. His grip around her back tightened as her movements grew faster and irregular.

Bolts of electricity shot through Logan’s body. He knew that if she would continue with what she was doing he wouldn’t last much longer. And as tempting as the thought of release sounded, he wanted to lose himself within her, push her over the edge with him.

With one flip, he lifted her off his lap, again laying her flat down in front of him in the soft sand. Before she even got the chance to protest, he dominantly pressed her legs apart. Quickly, he yanked his boxers down and crawled up her body. She hooked her legs tightly around his waist, his dick teasingly rubbing against her clit.

In this position, Logan suddenly froze.

Veronica’s hips shot up, encouraging him to continue, and as if she had read his mind she muttered “I’m on the pill.”

Logan flashed her a smile of relief, before he positioned himself above her inviting opening, only pushing the head of his cock teasingly inside her.

“Logan,” she breathed out, pleading “I need this, please.”

That’s all he needed to hear and with one single thrust, he sank into her warm and tight body.

Veronica drew in a sharp breath, pleasure vibrating through every fibre of her tiny figure. She needed a few seconds to adjust to his size and he was more than willing to give her as much time as she needed, even though the tightness wrapped around his cock nearly drove him crazy.

It was one thing having Logan inside her, making her feel good in all the right places, but with the contribution of the heat around them, her body nearly exploded. Beads of sweat dancing on both of their skins, forcing their bodies together, creating a unit.

Slowly she started to rock her hips in a circle, signaling him to move. His whole weight just leaning on his hands, he started to thrust slowly, almost gently, into her. With every stroke he took, her cries grew louder.

“Logan,” she uttered through her moans. “ ’Puppy love’ I had, what I need is the real thing.” She sucked in her lower lip, her words a command and a plea for release. “What I need is you.

Logan understood what she was asking for, what she needed him to do.

He withdrew himself completely, just to push back inside of her as hard as he dared, the force driving her body hard against the sand. Veronica slammed her eyes shut, a muffled moan dying in her throat.

“Veronica,” he panted, stopping his trusts. “Open your eyes.”

Hesitantly she forced them open, causing Logan to resume his thrusts, pounding harder and harder against her center.

Overwhelmed by the bliss his movements provided her, her eyes slowly drifted shut again.

“Veronica, “he urged and she quickly opened them again. “I wanna look into your eyes when I make you come.”

She nooded swiftly and was rewarded with another hard thrust. And this time, she held his gaze.

Every time he drove into her, the sand scratched hard against Veronica’s back, but all her focus was just on Logan and the fact that he was inside of her, filling her completely. His back muscles flexed with every movement. Gradually he increased his tempo, covering his mouth with hers, while stroking her breast.

With every moan hot air was pressing down their lungs, the parfume of lust hanging in the air.

Logan felt his climax building, his trusts now uncontrolled. He knew Veronica wasn’t ready to go with him over the edge, so he reached between their bodies, his thumb pinching her clit, providing the last drop of pleasure for her release.

Just as he felt her falling over the edge, he pulled her back up in his lap, allowing himself to change the angle and sink even deeper inside of her. With the unexpected shift of their position, she cried out his name, her head rolling back.

As Veronica came, there were no butterflies and pink clouds, but a firework exploding within her body, she didn’t know was possible. Completely losing herself in the feeling of the orgasm, her body was shaking while her walls were flexing uncontrollably.

The waves of her climax finally drove Logan to his own relief. He pulled her close to his body, his hands linked behind her back, his chin resting on her shoulder.

The world around them seemed to slow down as their bodies slowly came down again.

Veronica was the first one to draw back, meeting his gaze.

He reached up, gently tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “Hi,” he whispered, smiling.

“Hi yourself,” she answered, her voice huskily

“That was…”.

“Yeah, it was,” she agreed, not even needing to hear his full sentence.

They stayed in the same position for a while, neither of them knew what to say, neither of them wanted to move.

Slowly, Veronica’s eyes wandered off to the side, noticing the movie cameras used for the commercial shoot.

“Good thing that they weren’t on,”she teased, nodding in their direction.

“Yeah… well, if you’re in for a little private movie making, I think, next time we could do something about that,” he winked seductively at her.

Veronica rolled her eyes but laughed “Perv,” she said, punching his shoulder playfully. The abrupt movement caused her hips to rock against him and suddenly she felt him growing hard inside of her again. “See, that’s what I was talking about,” she exlaimed cheerfully, but slowly started to rotate her hips, teasing him “And please, next time, we try it without any heaters working in overload”

“Sorry, I can’t help you with the heaters, but I think we could manage the ‘next time’ part right away,” he replied, smiling, before he drew her close again, ready for the next round.

The only question left to be answered– was there going to be a next time for them ? In the end, was it really that simple? All it needed was to get trapped within a fake heat wave to wake her up from a fake life she had been living in? Finally opening her eyes to the cold reality that life was anything but normal. And not even the sweetest and safest boyfriend in the world could change the fact that everyone needed some heat and passion, danger and uncertainty in their life. Sure, guilty feelings of betraying Duncan would be nibbling at her for a very long time, but at the same instant she was just glad to finally break out of the bubble, she had tried to wrap herself into.

For the first time in a very long while, Veronica felt happy again. Her life was far from perfect or hell, even easy; And she also knew that being with Logan wasn’t an easy endeavor either. But somehow, between their snarky remarks and meaningless fights, they completed each other, challenged each other, even shared some insecurities in their similar, painful lifes.

This time, Veronica knew that things between her and Logan would be different, that they would work out their shit and eventually overcome the rocky past, replacing it with a new future.

And anyway, doesn’t every heat wave has its ice ages too? Or was it the other way around?

bavalon18: dothestarswyou - L/V black&whitebavalon18 on June 18th, 2006 11:47 pm (UTC)
Awesome! One nitpick?

Drops of water sparkling seductively on his washboard aps

I'm sure you meant abs but I can see with the imagery how it would be difficult to be perfect in this section. But very hot.
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 19th, 2006 09:05 pm (UTC)
Ah, thank you for pointing that out! You are absolutely right, having Logan half naked in the room does funny things to my spelling *g*

Thank you so much for reviewing :)
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Seriously, that was HOT.
Just damn.
I know you want to write a sequel. Like DK gets shot down and Logan and Veronica have hot crazy "we got back together" sex.
I think so.
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 19th, 2006 09:17 pm (UTC)
*lol* Well I guess you know more than me!

But hey, you never know, maybe there's going to be a sequel. But I'm more the "I drive Duncan over with a car" kinda girl... so... no shooting down *lol*

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the fight part
who knew that fighting would ended up like this :-p
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Re: the fight part
yeah, so true!! Shouldn't just any fight of them end like that? *gg*