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14 September 2012 @ 01:13 pm
Supernatural Gag Reel Season 7  
FINALLY a good HQ version of the gag reel! Wohoo!!! But WHY is it only 6 minutes this year?? :((

Thanks to SNTeamFreeWill

(ps... didn't put it behind a cut b/c the picture is not revealing any spoilers ;) )
Jennifer: SPN: Sam key blurbdaydreamer1984 on September 14th, 2012 02:02 pm (UTC)
YAY! I'm at work and it's blocked and am leaving for Toronto when I'm done at noon, but I'll steal my sisters comp at her place if I think if it!!
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on September 15th, 2012 04:54 pm (UTC)
Well, enjoy whenever you get the chance to see it! It's super funny :)
Nicnicb0723 on September 15th, 2012 01:55 am (UTC)
Isn't it awesome?

I guess it's only 6 minutes because there're other behind the scene little tidbits on the dvd.

Like this little nugget: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHRyYBTzuyI&feature=youtu.be

(It's not good quality but all it is is Jensen signing in the car and Jared looking horrified, aka goofing around)
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on September 15th, 2012 04:52 pm (UTC)
It's SUPER awesome! Oh those dorks!!! I would really love to work on this set. *sigh*

But man, I'm sure there was loooots more blooper and outtake stuff. They could have given us a longer gag reel AND put more behind the scenes stuff on the dvd. *pouts* Yes, I am greedy. *nods*

Haha I did watch it.... but it's soooo dark, I think I missed some parts. But it's funny. I can't wait to watch it on the DVD or on a better YT version :D

Oh boys.... <3