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20 June 2012 @ 01:12 am
...last weekend I met Ian Somerhalder! And what did you do? *g*

So… last weekend I had the honor and pleasure to finally meet Ian Somerhalder… among some other great stars from The Vampire Diaries. I remember some ppl saying he behaved like a douche at the last Barcelona con? Well, I cannot confirm this in any way. He is one of the sweetest ppl and comes across as a genuinely nice guy with a witty dry humor.
Also, he takes charity work really serious and you feel that it is very important to him. And even though he is a crowd pleaser, he does it in a way that isn’t fake or forced at all. And don’t even get me started on his looks. GUH. Those eyes are mesmerizing and when you go to the photo op it feels like you are the most important thing and all his attention is focused on you alone. It was just… wow!
I wanted to meet Ian for sooo long now so I'm just beyond happy that it finally happened. I also admire his work for ISF. We all pulled a great donation together and Ian was so overwhelmed by it, thanking us all - over and over! (even Joseph Morgan got goosebumps! lol)

Speaking of...

Man, I also gotta tell you that Joseph Morgan is one of the cutest, sweetest and most adorable guys ever!!! He smiles and/or laughs all the time, and he is adorably shy when someone praises him. But still, he manages to answer all fan questions without any awkward shy silence and you can feel that he is so thankful for and proud of his fans.
Seriously… this guy won me over SO DAMN MUCH and I simply adore him. Plus his British accent is just damn sexy.
It’s sooo weird that in real life he is the sweetest guy ever… and then you see him on the show and he is just a big bad asshole. lol But man, I love him. He is simply a sweetheart. A sexy and adorable sweetheart *gg*

Matt Davis… lol What can I say about Matt? LOL Well… to put it into Paul Wesley’s words: Matt = Dirty Old Man! LOOL This is so true! But he is so charismatic and funny and I just love his sarcastic side *gg* Not to mention that he is just damn sexy as well. At the photo ops he pulled me in, laid his arm casually over my shoulder while I curled one arm around him… and well, it was just perfect. Plus… holy hell…tall, handsom and muscled!!

Michael Trevino was a last minute addition b/c another guest had to cancel. To be honest… I didn’t expect much of him b/c I didn’t really care about him at all. So it was more an “okay yeah… whatever” news for me when he got announced.
But now, after seeing him live I can totally say that I’m very happy he was there. Man, such a fun guy lol Sometimes it feels like he was a little lost with certain questions… but all in all, he was really funny! And hello, eye candy.

Last but not least… Paul Wesley… *g* Let me tell you… I’ve never been a huge fan of Paul and his work. I also cannot stand Stefan on the show… but Paul? He is very charismatic and funny on stage. I also think he clicks with Ian quite well and they really have some great chemistry together (which is weird b/c on the show I never get that vibe) So yeah… Paul left a positive impression on me. (even if he was a little more “reserved” on Sunday) But well… we all have bad days, right? But man… Paul and a smiling photo op? Not possible. LOL He just looks weird. On every picture. It’s like he’s the Mark Sheppard in the TVD fandom.

So, in conclusion… it was a GREAT convention weekend and we had so much fun!!! Even the Sixties Party on Saturday was super-fun. And it had nothing to do with the convention itself but with the lovely ladies Andi, Kerstin, Susi and Madi I got to hang out with!! <33 And yeah, also in general, I had so much fun during my entire Vienna stay. First of all,we did some great & fun sightseeing, went for food and cocktails in the evening (and had one hell of a great evening… with other ppl looking weirdly at us b/c we were laughing so much) And also the convention itself was filled with lots of friends I got to hang out with… well more or less. ;) But Austria, Germany and Switzerland… all reunited in one spot!!

I also think that contrary to quite some negative statements from others, the organizers did a decent job. It was their very first con, so of course there were some hiccups and stuff that should not happen. But the most important part is (and they will get lots of bonus points from me for it) that on Sunday the person in charge came on stage and apologized. They really tried to do their best and I respect that.
Sadly, one of the main problems they had were the printers… so we didn’t get all of the photo ops yet (I had a pic with each guest plus a sandwich with Ian&Joseph) So we have to wait a little bit until they mail the missing pics to us. *sigh*

Also the selection of merchandise stuff was very poor :( Nevertheless, the shopping girl in me found something:


And a fun story goes along with it… I was checking out the jewelry table, saw those earrings and when all: Yay, they also have Supernatural stuff. lol Took me a few minutes to realize that the D & S does not stand for Dean and Sam… but also the Salvatore brothers have those same initials lol I never really thought about that before lol
Anyway… for me it will stay Sam and Dean *g*

For now I leave you with two funny vids. Pics will follow in the next few days… we had AWESOME seats in the second row, so this time my pics turned out really great. *happy*

Joseph Morgan being adorable. First talking about going back in time… and then being all “no spoilers” for the show Game of Thrones (seems like he is a huge fan… and a spoilerphobe lol )

Paul and Ian singing Ice, Ice Baby :D

Arabian: Ian Somerhalder08arabian on June 19th, 2012 07:16 pm (UTC)
remember some ppl saying he behaved like a douche at the last Barcelona con?

They lied. He was a doll, he's ALWAYS a doll at these events. ALWAYS. How he came across to you? That's pretty much the standard gushing from the vast, vast, vast majority of people at every single event.

After seeing Michael in some con videos, I was really charmed by him too. Paul's darling too.

All three of them (plus Joseph, Kat Graham and Steven R. McQueen) are going to be at Dragon*Con this year and it works out because it's the first I decided to go to in five years.

Thanks for the report.
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on July 11th, 2012 11:00 am (UTC)
Yeah, apparently they lied! I just don't know WHY someone would lie about this. There is not a single bad bone in his body. He is sooo down to earth and funny and nice. Ppl are simply stupid who claim anything differently.

Aww and I'm glad you get to see them all at Dragon Con!!! You will have such a great time! I have zero doubt about it :))

Thank YOU for reading :) I still need to get a move on posting some pictures. *sigh*
Arabian: Ian Somerhalder08arabian on July 11th, 2012 01:00 pm (UTC)
I have no clue, but ppl will forgive nasty, lame-ass celebrities anything and everything, but Ian is "annoying" because he tweets about saving animals and the earth and stuff! UGH! So preachy. He wears hats! Ugh! What a douche! He smirks because he thinks it's so sexy! Ugh! What a douche! He's dating Nina! She's basic, therefore so is he. Or, he's dating Nina! Ugh, she's 10 years younger, he's a pedophile. Ugh! I don't know why, but he just gives off douche vibes! Ugh! What a douche! He acts with his eyebrows! He sucks! Ugh!

I KID YOU NOT. These are the comments people make about him.

I just -- this guy is just awesome. And these are the complaints that people use to justify hating him. Not all, but sadly, a number of them are Paul Wesley fans who are jealous that Ian gets the attention he does. It's just ridiculous when people lie about it because everyone who's followed him AT ALL know it's a lie. The guy's been on the scene for over 10 years and this is his second bout of being thrust in the spotlight -- you'd think if he was anything other than an awesome, down-to-earth, funny, sweet, intelligent dude, there would be at least ONE legitimate bad story about him. There's not.

Sorry, it frustrates me, can you tell? LOL!

Phew! Yes, post pictures! I'm looking forward to Dragon*Con. I just got my days off, woohoo!!
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on July 23rd, 2012 09:06 am (UTC)
Wow... that's pretty... WOW. I seriously have no words. :( And I have NO IDEA why ppl would say this. I just... I don't get it!!! So jealous or stupid or a combination of both. Sad. Really, truly sad. And how immature of the Paul Wesley fans. Man!

Some ppl like Ian more, some prefer Paul. WTH is the big deal? They both have enough screen time for all of the fans out there, so there is no fucking reason to hate Ian and/or Paul.

Heh, yeah I can tell you're a tiiiiny bit frustrated. ;) But you've every right to be, cause those haters and liars just SUCK! *sigh*

Oh when is Dragon*Con this year?

Arabian: Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley01arabian on July 23rd, 2012 09:41 am (UTC)
August 31-September 3. It's always over the Labor Day weekend.

It's not about screen time, it's because Ian gets way more press, and simply is more popular, so the PW fans get pissy about it.
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on July 24th, 2012 09:28 am (UTC)
So, just a little more than a month to go! Wohooo!! :)

Well damn, it's not Ian's fault that his personality and looks apparently draw in more attention from fans and press. DUH. But clearly PW fans don't get that.

Man, I also just realized I don't have any TVD icons. *needs to change that*