tinkabell007 (tinkabell007) wrote,

Still Voting!!

I'm probably WAY TOO invested in this... but seriously people, KEEP VOTING!!! If Supernatural wins we will get a BRANDNEW photoshoot with the boys. WHICH MEANS... BRANDNEW PICTURES OF JARED AND JENSEN!!

Even Sera Gamble noticed our efforts:

Showrunner Sera Gamble sent Zap2it a note for all the fans who have been diligently voting (over and over again!). "Hey-- just a quick note on behalf of Bob, Eric, myself, and the whole gang here at Supernatural," she writes. "We want to thank our incredible fans for your support. We hear you've been keeping us in the running against some very worthy competition. Regardless of what happens, we're deeply touched as always that you've got our backs. (But yeah, of course we'd love to see Jensen and Jared on the cover -- and we think they couldn't deserve it more -- so please do keep voting for 'em.) Thanks again, guys!"

As for now, Chuck is back in the lead... again!! *SIGH* But only barely - again. Voting ends at 3 a.m EST!!!

So, let's show those Chuck ppl where they can stick it... and VOTE!


And yes, have I mentioned that I'm way too invested in this?? But seriously, we need to win
Tags: pimp, supernatural
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