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So... my spn_reversebang is mostly done (still have to do a major reveal post about it btw!!!) and I already have a very good Christmas Card idea (if you’ve gotten cards in the previous years, you know what I’m talking about) Plus my art project for my giftee at the spn_j2_xmas exchange is coming along slowly, but nicely. Which means, art wise I’m a bit unchallenged.

So here is your chance to ask for ONE icon specifically made for you!

So really… don’t be shy. As for whatever icon you want!!! Even if it’s not my fandom. (though then I’d prefer if you’d include picture(s) please) Or you could also include pictures even if it’s my fandom. Or maybe you want a text icon? So, seriously, anything! There is no limit (just note that I can’t do animated icons, so oops, I guess there is one limit after all, huh? LOL )

Also, don’t feel obligated to use the icon afterwards *g* No worries. :-)

So, long story short… ask away!!! :-)
Tags: fanart: icons
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