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03 September 2010 @ 08:01 pm
VanCon Post #8 - Report  
As promised, here is my recap from the con :-) An overall impression of the weekend, my personal experiences at photo ops and autographs, some stuff about the dessert party… and lots of Jared-squeeing. (duh!)

So Vancouver Con was, in one word, awesome!! No, really, not a single minute I did regret that I was there. My sweet partner-in-crime angels_cordy and I had a blast… and it was more than once that we laughed until we cried. I didn’t have much time to check LJ and stay up-to-date with all the convention posts, but I’ve heard of some negativity going around regarding the con. Sure, some ppl will always bitch and will never be satisfied. But for my part, I had a great weekend and was glad that I was there. The only two panels we skipped were Clif’s and Fred’s panel b/c those ppl simply don’t interest me in the slightest bit… so why waste time on them? But other than that… we saw everything. And yes, that means I also was in the Brock Kelly panel. Dear lord… that poor little guy. LOL He was SO lost and helpless on stage, his nervousness was written all over his face and pose. I don’t know if there are already videos out there of him… but if there are, go watch them and you’ll see what I mean. He had NO idea what he was getting himself into and it clearly showed on stage. I just wanted to pull him off stage, give him a cookie and tell him he never ever has to go up there again. lol Dear lord. And that guy is already 25 years old? He still comes across like a kid.
BUT he said quite some nice things about Colin Ford. So, he def. gets bonus points for that. But seriously, Brock, you need to toughen up a little bit. I’m really wondering why Hollywood hasn’t eaten him alive already.

Okay… my favorite panels besides the J2 panel (DUH) were def. Richard’s, Matt’s and Demores’ panels. Richard was his awesome self… and I was highly surprised and impressed by Demore. Damnit, now I have to watch The Unit. That guy defines the word entertainment.
Also, we were that lucky and got TWO panels from Matt. Awesome guy. I really hope he will return to the show at some point.

Okay lets talk about the autograph sessions:
As some of you know, I made this special uber-sized poster and everyone just loved it. Even Jared and Jensen commented on it and said that it’s “RAD” and “OH... NICE”.
And Misha was like “you made this, didn’t you?” And then he eyed all the ppl on the poster and continued “oh that’s really cool. Where am I?” And I pointed Castiel (including black wings) out. And he signed right beside him, commenting with my name and “Great Work” :-) Yeah, that made me smile a lot. After that he asked where I was from and I told him Austria. And he asked if I’d be attending any European cons this year – to which I replied “no” Sadly, after that some other fan came out of nowhere and interrupted us b/c she wanted to give Misha a present. And this was also the end of our little chat.

As Matt discovered Young!Mary and Young!John on the poster (with the little hearts)he went all “Awwww how cute is that?” LOL You should have seen his face – and heard his high pitched voice. :-) So cute. And did I mention that Matt is awesome? I cannot point that one out enough *g* He is funny, witty and thankful for all the fan attention… and when he talks about how much all the fans mean to him you see that it comes right from his heart and that he means every single word.

Dessert Party:

Let’s continue with Matt, okay? He told us that he was sooo tired but he enjoyed every single minute of his appearances (he was there Friday AND Saturday) And he said that earlier that day, he had a few minutes to go up to his room and eat. So, he settled into bed, turned on the tv and watched Gremlins (yeah, don’t ask lol ) He had his turkey sandwich in his right hand and the remote in his left hand. And he only took one bite from his sandwich before he fell asleep. About an hour later, he woke up again, remote and sandwich still in hands LOL

Oh, he continued to be funny and entertaining and he loved this whole convention thing. AND he also said that if his schedule allows it, he will do many more cons. *crosses fingers*

Btw, at the dessert party, I had the seat right next to the celebrities – which was kinda nice *g* Demore started to ask where we were from and so I told him I was from Austria. And he was all “Oh really? No way” and then he paused a second before he continued, grinning “That’s where Arni Schwarzenegger is from!” And I answered “Yeah. We are still sorry for that” LOL And then he broke out laughing LOL

The last two ppl at our table were Samantha and Rob. Both were nice but there was nothing standing out for me to be worth mentioning :-)

Photo Ops:
I had a picture with Matt. And I was lucky enough that the first picture didn’t turn out good, so the photographer pulled me to the side, told me to wait, and then I was able to walk back to Mattt, cuddled a bit closer and retook the picture. And the whole time Matt apologized that he screwed up the picture b/c of his "squinny" eyes.
But later, when we got the pictures back (yes, I got two) it turned out that I was the one screwing it up. LOL But well, now I have two perfect Matt smile-pics for just one photo op price *gg* Nice, eh?

Well, and on Sunday I had two Jared pictures. One, was a single one… and the second one was the one angels_cordy bought for us so that we could be on the same picture with our favorite guy *gg* And I truly love how that picture turned out. Jared’s smile is priceless!! Totally mischievous – like “haha, I have both girls in my arms”. lol I haven’t seen him smiling like this in any other photo ops that were lying on the tables. It’s really hard to describe.
But maybe the reason for this is the fact that he remembered the both of us and told us “welcome back… good to see you again.” *thud*

Also, for my single picture, Jared hugged me even without me asking him!!! I was just standing there and suddenly he threw both arms around me. I was so perplex that I didn’t even have time to react to that LOL But whatever, he looks just gorgeous. And the fact that he gave me the hug without me asking for it, is even more perfect *g* At first, I wasn’t so fond of the way I smile in the picture, but I think I’ve changed my mind. It’s a totally dreamy “I’m in love” look lol So I guess, for lying in Jared’s arms it is very appropriate. Y/Y? lol

Uh yeah… that was VanCon 2010. If there is some stuff you want to know, just ask. But I think (hope) I covered the major parts of it!!!

And last but not least, a shout out to my lovely angels_cordy. Sweetie, the last two weeks were soooo awesome!!!! Thank you for the perfect time….! And always remember…. CONFETTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still have some con stuff to go through... but I'm not sure if it's postable or not. ;) And I still have QUITE some pictures from Vancouver in general waiting to be posted. But that's gonna take me a few days b/c there are LOTS of them *gg* Also, I still have many comments to answer to. I promise I'll get to them asap :-)

And last but def. not least... THANKS SO MUCH to deanvica23, eviltwin and nila_rena for the v-gifts!!! *squishes*
lady_eilthana: J²: Conventionlady_eilthana on September 3rd, 2010 04:23 pm (UTC)
Oh see, I'm still living in 2009, I didn't even see my mistake until now. *facepalm*

Uhm yeah, sure, but these are all 2011. I was just wondering why he'd ask that question.

But thanks for the reply anyway. I'll be at A7. :)
deanvica23deanvica23 on September 3rd, 2010 04:36 pm (UTC)
cool me too.
lady_eilthana: Jared ;) Comic Conlady_eilthana on September 3rd, 2010 04:42 pm (UTC)
Hey, cool. ;)