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Vancouver Con Post #4

We had the Location Tour yesterday. And it was truly awesome. It was def. worth seeing

And today, the con has officially started. So far we have seen Katherine and Matt on stage – and both were beyond awesome. And we just had our picture taken with Matt!! *crosses fingers that it’ll turn out good* Btw… he is SO stunning.

It started out with going to the house of the episode “The Magnificent Seven”. Also, did you know that ONE of the three ppl sitting on the couch was a real person? I had no idea lol

Another interesting fact, just behind the house, there is a wide field where they shot “Swan Song” – the finale fight scene with Lucifer and Michael.
Those are the spots where the Impala drove up and Lucifer had his face off with Michael:

After that, we visited a place we won’t be seeing until the episode Jensen has directed. But Russ wanted to show us the place so that, as soon as the episode airs, we can say “Yep, we were standing in the exact same spot.”

Across from this, there is Derby Reach – Regional Park, where they shot part of Croatoan (the scene where Sam and Dean go to the house) Also, the side of the house we will also see in Jensen’s episode. (Mild Spoiler: There is going to be a VERY cool fight scene. That’s what Russ said)

After that… we drove to another future location – again, we will be seeing that one in Jensen’s episode. Russ was esp. proud about that location, because they waited FOREVER to be able to shoot there. And then, the place finally became available, so they used the chance. It’s going to be a Bobby scene.

Then: LUNCH TIME!! angels_cordy and I had quite some fun LOL Though, that’s only for us to know, and for you to not find out…

After lunch, we went to the “Metro” Well, that was one Hell of an impressive room. Part of the episode “Hammer of the God” was shot there. The room had quite some atmosphere, I’m telling ya LOL As we were back on the bus, Russ told us, that it was a Swinger’s Club! LOL So… yeah. Now you know where the SPN action is happening LOL

Also across from the Metro, there was another building, we will be seeing in season six (it’s from all the fan pics that came out about a week ago)

Our second to last stop was the Fraser park. The list of episodes shot there is QUITE long, so I don’t remember everything. But significant were the bridge from Hook Man and The End as well as the spot where “Dean” dug himself out of the oreo grave.

And the last stop was Burr House from “Dark Side of the Moon” with the Thanksgiving Dinner. Wow, that was an impressive old house. And it’s interesting to know that they didn’t even shoot the scene in the dining room, but in the smaller room besides the dining room *lol* It was just funny. Everyone literally stormed towards the room, and then shortly after Russ said, that they never shot in this room LOL

So, yeah…. That was the location tour :-)

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