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14 June 2010 @ 07:46 pm
Jared Padalecki @ Meeting Room: General Report  
Hey my lovlies. I’m back in Austria. Though I’m staying with a friend for one night until I drive back home tomorrow. But I have a few minutes, so let me talk about the Jared Meeting Room. Also, please ignore all the mistakes - I don’t have time to re-read it and hunt for misspelled stuff :-/ Just wanted to get some more stuff out about the Meeting Room.

It was like a mini-panel (only 20 ppl) for half an hour. It’s like the Coffee Lounges at Asylum.

Jared was… I don’t know if there is a word that would top “AWESOME” – but if there is, he was THAT.
All smiley, all open and funny and just his usual self. You could see that there was no mask or whatever and that he was really glad to be there.
As he entered the room, he was wearing black sun glasses and beamed at us. Ngggh. Then he sat down in front of us (at a table) and smiled some more at us. After a short while he even took his shirt off and that just left him in a small black v-neck tshirt. (The one he was wearing at the second day in the panels… )

He was so open and animated. At first, after sitting down, he looked at each and everyone of us and said, that before we got to ask questions, he would like to say something. And then he thanked us all for being so supportive of him and the show. He said that we get to voice our gratitude towards them so often but they hardly ever get to say thanks to us. So he wanted to take this opportunity to thank us very much, they are really thankful for all the support and appreciate it. It was actually really, really moving and I had a hard time not to tear up a little bit at his words.

And not one single minute I felt like he was the star and we were the fans. Jared always manages to level the ground. There is no difference between him and us. And you could really feel that. It was like chatting with a friend. He held eye contact with everyone and took everyone very serious.

After his thank you speech, he said that we should ask him questions. Ask him anything. Because that’s what he was here for – to give something back.

Some ppl weren’t every good with the English language. And one girl even had a question written down and handed him a piece of paper. And he read it out loud before he addressed the person who asked it and answered.

I got to ask my question very early on and trust me, it took all my courage. I’ve been wanting to ask him a question for two years now and was always too afraid to walk up to the mic. But I figured it was now or never. (cause really, when do I ever get such an opportunity again? ) So I asked, and as I was done he looked at me and said that it was a very good question. And then he started to answer – and held eye contact almost the whole time. Oh lord… such an intense stare!
And as he was done he thanked me and said again that it was a very good question. And before he moved on to the next person, he even winked at me. Gah. (I will do another detailed report about the questions and answers when I’m back home. Then I’ll also include the Q I’ve asked)

So yeah, being able to experience Jared in this very private environment was beyond words and so far the highlight of all the eleven conventions I’ve been to.

Everything I’ve ever believed about this man is really true. He is well-spoken, loves his fans, loves to chat with his fans, appreciates all the support and gets very emotional when he gets lots of praise. Of course I’v witnessed all of this at previous conventions, but this private panel was way more intense.
It’s really hard to put it in words. So I hope you understand what I’m trying to express. He is real and doesn’t hind behind a mask. He is normal – like you and me. And that fact just makes him even more awesome than he already is.

(on a different note… thank you all for the comments and pms in the last few days. I promise I’ll get back to you guys. It just takes me a little bit of time lol )
jsluv: cheersjsluv on June 14th, 2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
The man is amazing and I am so glad you got to do this....cant wait to hear more. :)Thanks for sharing.
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!! I'm still writing on my Jared Q&A report but I hope I'll have it up in the next few days :-)
Thank YOU for reading.
MonkeyJade: JaredandJadeIcontakacshedi on June 14th, 2010 06:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you for sharing this! Jared so cute and amazing!

Here is the video, when he went to the meeting room.


I made it! :)

tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:12 pm (UTC)
Awwwwww *memories* It's like a puzzle put together piece by piece cause I was looking right at the door when it suddenly opened and he entered. So seeing the walk towards the room is even more awesome. Would you mind uploading this one for me? *puppy eyes* I'd love to have it in my convention folder.

And thank you so much for reading!! <3333
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ckllckll on June 14th, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC)
Never too late :)
What was your question?
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
I asked him a question about acting :-)) I hope I'll have my Q&A report done in the next few days. I have very detailed stuff about all the questions :-))
Andrea: Jared *dance*lupina78 on June 14th, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
*iz dead*
God..you are a very brave one my dear! KUDOS!
I guess I´d never could go to such a panel, I´d be star struck like hell! Even if Jared was so nice (OMG! Awesome btw! LOL) But I´m really shy and all - I don´t like eye-contact at all...*sigh*
I´m superhappy for you that you experienced such a wonderful time with Jared and I can´t wait for your super detailed report of your question!! ;)

tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:17 pm (UTC)
DUDE ME NEITHER!!! I sometimes might come across like an outgoing person, but I'm always quite shy at first. And I'm getting all nervous with intense eye contact. But then I figured... what the hell, I'll do it. I need to do it. And felt quite calm as I raised my hand! And like two seconds later he looked at me, smiled and said "yes" I think I was more nervous as it was done... I really thought my heart would explode any second lol But it was soooooo worth it. It was really like having a real conversation with him <33 And I cant express in words how unbelievable and awesome that feels.

Still not done with my Q&A report, but I'm almost done with my general con report \0/

Thank you for reading, sweetie! *squish*
Griva: D&S handsgriva_x on June 14th, 2010 06:56 pm (UTC)
I am glad you had such a positive experience of Jared. Sometimes I agree lots of shit is thrown at him unjustily.
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:19 pm (UTC)
Yes, I do agree with that. I've met him 6 or 7 times so far and I never had a bad experience with him or thought "hmm... that is weird/strange/douchy"
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dolnmoon: Jared smiledolnmoon on June 14th, 2010 07:11 pm (UTC)
Sounds wonderful. You just know when you look in his eyes that he is a grateful person and that he loves his fans.

Squeeee.. your so lucky...can't wait to hear the question you asked..

tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:22 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, I def. agree with this. His gaze is so warm and open, he doesn't even have to say a word but you already feel his friendliness. (this sounds probably stupid lol But it's really true)

And thank you for reading. I'm still writing on the Q&A stuff but I hope I'll have it up in the next few days :-)
Heidi: jared [soapbox]heizqu on June 14th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
OMG. *squee* Sounds amazing! :DD I'm so happy for you that you got to experience all that! Also a little bit jealous.

And I'm dying to know what you asked him!
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:24 pm (UTC)
Awww thank you so much for reading!!! I'm still walking on a cloud LOL. Just thinking about it makes me smile like a maniac. And I'm really having a hard time realizing that IT REALLY HAPPENED!!! Omg...

I asked him a question about acting. I hope I'll have my detailed Q&A report up within the next few days. Still writing on it.
crazylilly: SPN - Puppiescrazylilly on June 14th, 2010 07:24 pm (UTC)
Aaaah. Das klingt wirklich wie der Traum eines jeden Fans. Einer der Gründe, warum ich nicht zu Conventions gehe (neben dem Geld), ist die Tatsache, dass ich immer Angst habe, dass mein Bild von demjenigen zerstört wird. Aber irgendwie klingt es bei Jared eher anders herum. Da ist es vielleicht auch ganz gut, dass ich nicht gehe. Wer weiß, wie ich da wieder rausgehen würde ;).

Ich wusste übrigens gar nicht, dass Du zu der Con fährst, bis ich Deine Posts gelesen habe, dass Du dort bist.
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:29 pm (UTC)
Gaaah ich sags dir.... Ich tu mir immer noch schwer zu begreifen dass das wirklich passiert ist. Das wir wirklich so richtig miteinander geredet haben (und nicht nur so ein standard how are you und thank you Ding wie bei den Photo ops oder Autogrammen) Und der Augenkontakt den er mit dir hält ist wahnsinn. Sooo intensive als wenn du die einzige Person bist die jetzt im Moment zählt. Er schenkt einem wirklich die ganze Aufmerksamkeit.

Also ich glaub nicht, dass Jared dein Bild zerstören könnt wenn du ihn mal triffst. Wie du sagst, es würde eher anders herum sein. Ich hab ihn ja jetzt schon so einige Male live erleben dürfen aber ich hatte noch nie einen schlechten Eindruck bekommen.

Uh, ich hab vor einer Woche einen post gemacht und gefragt wer auch zu der Con fährt und wer Lust hat sich zu treffen. Aber anonsten hab ich nicht viel darüber gepostet da das ganze mehr so eine Ruck-Zuck Aktion war LOL Ich wusste also selbst noch nicht lange dass ich wirklich fahren werde
R.A.B.: [SPN] Jareddomelom on June 14th, 2010 07:56 pm (UTC)
Wow, this sounds like a truly amazing experience.
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:30 pm (UTC)
It definitely was. And it was def. something I'll never ever forget but treasure forever. (wow that soounds cheesy lol )
magsermagser on June 14th, 2010 08:02 pm (UTC)
I am so so so so so glad you had such a great experience meeting Jared. And I am so happy for you! I am incredibly glad he was everything you hoped he would be and I look forward to hearing all about the meeting!
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC)
Awww thank you so much!! I'm still having a hard time processing everything and really realizing that it did happen. His stare when he looks at someone and talks to someone is sooo intense. It feels like if you're the only person right now and he is giving you all his attention b/c everyone else doesn't matter in that moment. *dies a little*

I'm still writing on my report but I hope I'll have it up in the next few days.
lovetheguyslovetheguys on June 14th, 2010 08:19 pm (UTC)
I noticed what you said about Jared the very first time I met him in person--I felt like I was talking to someone I had known all my life. And that was in talking with him for two minutes! The man has an amazing capacity for kindness, friendliness and being down-to-earth. You sense if you were in need, he would give you the shirt off his back--even if he'd just met you!

I adore him!

tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Robin :-)) It really is true :) And I'm beyond happy that even now, years after success and a little bit of Hollywood fame, he still is this down to earth person that is NOT a star but AN EQUAL with everyone else.
sherribonannella on June 14th, 2010 08:24 pm (UTC)
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:36 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
Thank YOU, Fabi!!! I am telling you, I start to believe that it is just not possible to express in words how awesome this man is. Everytime I fall in love a little bit more, and everytime I figure it isn't possible anymore. But then it happens all over again. He is just LOVE!

(Deleted comment)
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
jeeroniejeeronie on June 15th, 2010 12:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you for saying it
Exactly, you said every word of what I always thought.
I'm so happy that you were there :) And I love you for saying this, I hope he knows this is what we see and feel.
(also very very happy that we met! Briefly yes but still great :D)
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on June 16th, 2010 06:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Thank you for saying it
First of all... it was soooo nice to meet you!!! *squish* I wish we would have had more time. I saw you guys at the last evening hanging out at the bar, but I didn't want to disturb you b/c I didn't know the other girls. But I'm so glad we finally got to meet and chat a little bit!! I hope your trip home was much better than the trip to Barcelona?

And thank you for reading. Jared just takes my breath away. No matter how often I meet him, I fall in love more and more and more. (and I didn't think that it was even possible) LOL
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