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14 May 2010 @ 07:57 am
SPN Finale - second post  
Okay, after finally gathering my thoughts a bit, I need to get some things out

Let’s start with the ugly, yes? Sooo... something’s just not sitting right with me. :-/ Don’t get me wrong, it was an okay episode bordering maybe even on good… but it was def. not THE best episode ever and if this would have been the SERIES finale I’d be pissed A LOT. No, REALLY. Ending the show with Dean/Lisa (WTF) and Sam being dead would have made the last few years more or less a waste of time, yes? I didn’t know if I would have been able to stomach that. So, if this was really all Kripke’s five year plan? NO, thank you. Making Sam “the bad guy” and then killing him off, while Dean goes to Lisa and cries his eyes out? Yeah, Kripke… that was WEAK.
Basically they pulled a mirror thing… starting out with Sam and his girlfriend living a normal life… and over the five years ending it with Dean in Sam’s shoes.

So… EVEN MORE HURRAYS for a sixth season!! Now Sera… go and fix this, and get Lisa out of the picture, please? Wouldn’t it be perfect to spin the season one picture even farther… Kill Jessica Lisa (and if I ask nicely maybe Ben, too?) and the boys go hunt the thing that killed them. *LOL* Though, don't ask me about originality, okay?

Okay, since I have that out of the way now… a few things:

+ I cried a few times. Esp. the saying goodbye scene killed me. I’m always so emotional with stuff like this. THOUGH I’m sad that we didn’t see the reappearance of the amulet!! Come on, Sammy… Giving Dean his amulet back would have been such an epic scene. *sigh*

+ Sam as Lucifer was pretty effing awesome!!! I LOVED the Samifer vs. Sam scene and the use of the mirrors!! Oh Jared, you did an outstand job there.

+ Carry on my wayward son!! <333 Always one of the greatest moments in a season finale!! Though I’m wondering, with the “actual story” being told, will they use the song next year as well? Hmmm….

+ So… the Impala saved the day… or well, sort of… lol (Uh, to all my Buffy fans on my flist… yellow crayon anyone?) But I guess they needed to trigger Sam’s emotions somehow. I loved the flashback scene there…. and that they ended it with the brotherly hug back from season two *heart*

+ But really, what else does it take besides the actual apocalypse to make them hug? At least in the season finale with Sam pretty much sacrificing himself I would have expected one last goodbye hug. :-/

+ Assbutt!! LOL Yeah, that pretty much stands for itself.

+ Though, gotta admit... this whole "kill Cas... bring him back. Kill Cas, bring him back" is starting to get ridiculous! God doesn't care... and yet he always tends to bring Cas back? SO WHY THE FUCK DONT YOU WORK YOUR MAGIC ON GABRIEL AS WELL??? GAH

+ Chuck… well, so, was he God? Or just a prophet after all and his zapping out kinda thing was just to portray the end of the Sam and Dean story?

+ Speaking of… LOVED the Sam and Dean moment at the beginning of the episode. <33 Thank you Dean!! I wanted to hear that for so long now. *happy sigh*

Yeah… so overall… it was an okay-finale but honestly… I did not have the OMFG feeling at all :-(.

At the end… I do believe it was Sam. Kripke said the mythology will come to an end in the season finale… ergo… Lucifer is dead. trapped.

But I guess now Sam saw that Dean was happy with Lisa (which, honestly, I STILL DON’T GET) and he will just walk away and leave him alone!! WHICH IS WRONG!! BUT I’M SURE IT WILL HAPPEN!!


On the end note: Sam saved the world!! \o/ But man, this whole thing could have had way more potential… *shakes head* I can’t put my finger on it… but yeah.

But they stayed true to one thing (which pretty much was the theme of the last years...) the brothers would do anything to save each other... even if it means to die and be tortured for all eternity. Because that's what the Winchester brotherly love is all about!! <33

/off to finally read my flist and other reactions...
Lillilisullivan on May 14th, 2010 12:35 pm (UTC)
Didn't he say that he wasn't going to give interviews about the finale? Or was it someone else?

I agree with you that they didn't develop Lisa story that much. But they couldn't really do it, she is, after all a minor character. They can't really steal time from Sam, Dean... and now Castiel.
Maybe they didn't show us much, but i like her nonetheless. And i don't see why Dean don't deserve a shot at having a family again, since he lost all the people he cared about the most.

Even if Kripke meant this episode as a series finale, i think it could work. Ok Dean is alive and Sam is not. And i'm glad Dean is alive, i'm not going to deny it.
Sam is as much a hero as Dean, even more... He sacrificed himself for the good of humanity.
Sam always saw the big picture in a way, whereas Dean tried to make his family come first.
This is a bittersweet ending but not so terrible. I guess i could live with it.
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on May 14th, 2010 08:11 pm (UTC)
I think it was Sera who pointed it out a few times. (maybe even at the 100th episode party. I think there was a interview somewhere) And there was also a report about Kripke a few months/weeks back where he stated it. Sadly I can't pinpoint it, but it was said by the both of them. They wanted to wrap this whole thing up so they could start something new in season six.

And I have no doubt, Dean deserves a shot at a normal family life. Sadly I just don't see that he is really the type for it. I can't really imagine him in that role. But who knows, maybe they will prove me differently in season six.

Though, ulimatilve I want both boys be alive and happy... and for that to happen they are together, crusing around in the States and hunt evil things. So yeah, that would be the ending I could live with. (or even an ending like on "Angel"... if you've seen that one?) But sadly I couldn't live with the ending we got here *sigh*
I guess everyone sees it differently :-) And that is good, too.
tinkabell007tinkabell007 on May 16th, 2010 11:40 am (UTC)
I found one of the many interviews they gave saying they would wrap this storyline up entirely: :)


It's under the question: "If there’s a sixth season, how do you top the apocalypse?"