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Supernatural 5x16 - Dark Side Of The Moon

Sometimes I wonder if I'm watching the same show...

How could Sam value a normal family life with his own family when he never had one?? Sam never had the experiences Dean had. He never had a normal father-mother family life. He was a baby when Mary died and after that he got raised into the life of a hunter. So why is it so damn hard for you, Dean, to get that in your head? Sam was desperate for a normal life. He clearly didn’t get it at home, so he had to find it somewhere else. So, everyone who just bitched about Sam hurting Dean with his memories might should consider that fact.

Sam was not selfish for wanting a normal life. The way I see it, Dean was/is the selfish one. He wanted his brother to stay to keep his already so broken family together. He didn’t have any hopes or dreams and followed orders blindly. Which, in my opinion is a funny fact b/c as Mary died and John “took over” he already had the experience of a normal family life and yet he still just followed John’s rules blindly - without questioning. And yet Sam who literally was raised into this life developed a mind of his own – which Dean was clearly never able to.

And now, even after so many years Dean STILL blames Sam for it? Sorry, but then you are a real whiny coward, Dean.
Think about the time you got your brother back. The last few years you fought side by side, AS A FAMILY. Sam would die for you… tried to give his life for you just so he could save you!! And yet you still blame him for being a kid with a mind and dreams of his own? *shakes head*

Okay… besides that, I really liked this episode. I loved the way they portrayed the whole heaven thing (it is also my idea of heaven btw) And I LOVE the fact that they flatly pointed out that God does not care! I like that they didn’t try to explain his actions or give us a weak ass excuse. B/c clearly, that is life. If God would care he would not even allow evil in the first place.
I’m not sure if this whole thing is just a “test” for the boys to see if they are worthy or something. (b/c if God wouldn’t care a single bit, why even bother to save them and bring Castiel back in the first place? There has to be more to it) But so far I like the direction.

And I’m very convinced that the writers are not listening to me. Otherwise they would finally stop KILLING Sam in such a graphic way, every effing time *sigh*

So, all I can say as an end note: Dean, stop being such a whiny bitch and get your head back into the game.

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