tinkabell007 (tinkabell007) wrote,

J2 Day! Woot.

So, the boy’s panel is over! *insert teary eyes here* But the boys rocked.… Esp. Jared of course!! He was his funny and bubbly self and I LOVED the fact that they got asked more serious questions this time!! Woot. And not a single one that was bordering on the “OMG crazy fangirl” side. Yay.

And Jared (as ALWAYS) looked yummy! :-D (I know… what else is new lol ) I love his longer hair. Guess he was not allowed to cut it yet b/c they are going back to Vancouver this afternoon to film the last few scenes tomorrow!

As always… I won’t do detailed panel reports but I might (probably when I’m back home) post a little bit more about the autos and photo op.

Plus, my pics turned out quite crappy, so I won’t be posting much!

But I do have to post at least one b/c it is amusing the hell out of me (even though the quality is not that good)

Jensen… really? I mean, really??? LOL
Tags: con: la2010
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