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The Big Bang Theory Taping

We just came back from the Big Bang Theory taping. Gotta admit, it still feels quite surreal that we really saw a live taping! OMG.


First I gotta say, the day already started off good. Before the taping we did the WB Studio Tour and we actually saw Jim arriving and making his way to the sound stage! \o/

The waiting around was quite a bitch (we were already there at around 2:30 pm) but it all paid off b/c our seats were awesome!!!

And I have to say… Jim Parsons is the most adorable thing EVER. So precious! He was so animated on set, never able to stand still, danced around quite some bit and went over his lines again and again and again and again.

There were some funny bloopers, too.

So, since I promised some ppl a rundown of the episode, I threw some stuff together. Please ignore all the typos. I’m damn tired but wanted to get the thing out before I go to bed.

Episode “ The Plimpton Stimulation”

So, it seems Penny and Leonard are finally broken up!! (can I hear a HELL YEAH?)

It starts out in the canteen with all the four boys. Sheldon reveals that a very famous female physicist (Dr. Plimpton) will come and visit him for a few days (and will stay with him) and Leonard is all excited b/c he is a huge fan and has a major crush on her.
There is also quite some fun dialog (which I won’t spoil you with) as the boys learn about Sheldon’s plans.

Next scene is Sheldon and Penny walking up to the apartments. There is a funny interaction between them and Sheldon tries to get some “female” advices out of her *g*

After that we see Sheldon being in the apartment and Dr. Plimpton arrives. Leonard runs out of his room all excited and makes a fool out of himself. LOL (just saying HILO) lool Watch out for that one.

Next up we are in Sheldon’s bedroom with him giving the woman a run down of all the stuff in his room and informs her about the emergency plan in case the apocalypse strikes during that night.

After that we saw a pre-recorded scene where Dr. Plimpton sneaks into Leonard’s room and seduces him. They sleep together.

Next morning we see Sheldon waking up on the living room couch, doing his thing while getting up. Leonard and Dr. Plimpton come out shortly after and are all in a post-morning-sex bliss. Of course Sheldon is oblivious. (seriously, isn’t he always?? LOL )
Then there is a knock on the door and it’s Penny trying to get a ride to work since her car is not working… AGAIN (no engine light this time… but she forgot to gas up lol )

And she pretty much catches on that Leonard slept with the girl and therefore acts like a pissed ex-girlfriend. And finally also Sheldon catches on and is pissed, too (“She is my friend, only I’m allowed to play with her” ) LOL

Later Leonard brags about his little encounter and Dr. Plimpton makes advances towards Raj (now Leonard is the oblivious one)

Sheldon is still all depressed about Leonard’s move and he does laundry on his non-laundry day. (shocking, right?? ) And of course he meets Penny in the laundry room and they kinda bond over the whole Leonard thing. But of course Sheldon is his usual self and unintentionally insults Penny. But since she is already used to it she doesn’t take it personally.

Second last scene is in Raj’s apartment. Dr. Plimpton is there. And at some point Howard stops by, too. I won’t go into detail b/c it’s quite a funny scene and I don’t want to spoil it for you guys. Just let me say that in the end it almost turns into a foursome kinda deal… but Raj is being his sneaky self and has better plans.

The episode ends with a Leonard and Penny scene. (ETA: Both are meeting in the hallway and go upstairs. And Leonard wants to explain... so Penny lets him. Then there is a long pause and all Leonard says in the end is: "She let me") That was the endnote of the episode.)

Man, seriously, this was an unforgettable experience. Seeing all the magic behind the stuff? And seeing Jim and Co. LIVE and in action? Beyond words.
Also the set is soooooooo small. The living room looks so huge on tv. But in reality it’s truly tiny.

It was also interesting to see how they actually film it, with several cameras rolling at the same time, then doing some pick up shots, changing the whole dialog around from take to take and see how it works best. Truly fascinating to witness.

It was my very first live taping. But I hope it won’t be my last.

Alright… tired now!! There might be more later, but for now, I’m done!! Lol
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