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Location Tour

So.... we had the location tour today…. and I just can say: It was worth every cent!! .-D It was effing awesome.
We started out with going to the Templeton High – the one which was used in Afterschool Special. Not only did we see the building from the outside, but we even were allowed to go inside and looked at the actually hallways and rooms they were shooting in.

After that… we headed to Terminal City (back then they built the set for Dark Angel) It was used in many Supernatural episodes as well (like “What is and what should never be” or “Fresh Blood”) And again, we did not just see it from the outside, but wandered through the old roads and warehouses. Very impressive.

Next stop was the “Riverview Hospital” were episodes like Asylum, In My Time of Dying etc. were filmed. Unfortunately, this was the only location we were not able to go inside, cause it is actually used for shooting Fringe right now. So we saw all the Fringe production trucks and the crew working on the set up.
Also, on the backside of the building, there is the prison yard they used for “Folsom Prison Blues” :-D

Fourth stop was special. It was a looong drive but then we finally arrived in the western town they used for 2x21 and we saw the actually spot where Sam died. This “city” looks sooo huge on screen, and when you walk through it, it looks so tiny. *lol* But man, it was so impressive and definitely something you are not able to see every day. We literately wandered through the whole location, the same way Jared and Co. went all the time.

After that, another long drive was on the program… and then we ended up at the Crossroads. Actually, it’s a huge field with lots of streets. The guy told us that every car scene/car chase is filmed there (like the one in Route 666 or the crash in the finale of season one) Also, in the beginning of season two, as the boys were ditching the rental car, they were walking down that road.
He also showed us where Harvelle’s Roadhouse was located, where the built the gas station for 4x01 and the diner for 2x21. ALSO we saw THE crossroad… you know, THE one where all the deals are made. And the funny thing… the whole road is covered with asphalt . And only in the middle there is a small grassy hole where they dig in all the crossroad spell stuff. And all the pebbles you see in the actual scenes are added by the production and are not really there all the time.

And last but not least… we drove by the actually set of today’s shooting – twice!! Unfortunately we did not see the boys or the Impala, but we saw Clif. Plus some guys from the Spn crew were waving at us.

Also, while we were driving we got lots of backstage stories, pranks from set, the occasional “ohl look out the right window - we were shooting the episode xxx in that motel!” So we saw LOTS of motels and other location on our whole drive (the motel and bridge from 2x14, the motel from 3x03 the bank from Nightshifter…. etc)

It was an AWESOME day!!
I am not sure if I’ve already mentioned it, but our hotel is located vis-à-vis from the church of Houses of the Holy! LOL Now that’s what I call perfect! And from our hotel room we actually see down the church *lol*

So yeah… so far, this whole trip really rocks.
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