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Man, I am finally home, sitting on my own bed with my own laptop. Hurray!! I am so effing exhausted, woke up with a sore throat and I already feel a fever being on its way *sigh*. Especially the train ride back from Vienna to my hometown was hell. But now I am finally home.

Therefore… I guess, I’ll get started on my con report :)

First of all, let me say… this was my last Asylum con. Unless they’ll get like JDM (which will never happen) I’ll never do another Asylum con if it is organized like this. If you follow this journal, you know that I have been to quite some cons in the past, but I have never witnessed such a level of being unorganised. Seriously. All this mess took quite some fun from the weekend. And it’s sad, cause you pay a hell of a lot money for all of this and you run around half the weekend just being all stressed and pissed. But I wont get into that now, b/c I guess you definitely want to hear about the awesomeness that were the boys and all the other guest first, don’t you?

I don’t even know where to start *lol* As always, I won’t go into detail about what was said on stage, cause there are already a million reports out there… and anything was twittered to you guys anyway… so, it’s all just my subjective opinion.

J2 Panel:
We queued at 6:30 am to get some decent seats. And we were really lucky cause we ended up in row 6 and had a great view to the stage.
Both boys were so effing tired from Friday… and yet they joked around and answered (almost) every question. Except for the stupid ones… *sigh* And trust me, there were quite some stupid questions all over the weekend!!
One thing that really pissed me off during the stage talk was, that ppl went up to the mic and were like “this question is for Jensen…” or “I have a question for Jensen…” DUDE You have both boys on stage! So go and fucking ask a question to the both of them. I don’t get it. I really, really don’t. It’s just rude.
And some questions weren’t even specific… they were just general questions which could have also been asked to both boys. But no, apparently they were just interested in Jensen’s answers. Gah. Morons!! It’s called “Jared and Jensen” panel for a reason!!
And there was one girl walking up to the mic and going all “Hey Jason, hi Jensen and hi… uuhmmm….” *rolls eyes*
Another thing I noticed during the stage talk was, that the boys were different somehow. I can’t pinpoint it, but during the whole panel I just felt like “something’s missing”. I think, compared to the other times I have seen J2 live on stage, there was not as much banter as usually. They didn’t play off each other like they usually do. (imho) So, that was a bit strange and unusual to see. Hmmm…

J2 Photo Op:
There is not much to tell. Friday was A MESS. Everything was delayed, we came straight from the airport to join the queues… and never left them until it was photo op time. So, as sweaty from travelling and queuing as we were , we were rushed to the pictures. And everything was like at a assembly line, I was not even able to say hi and bye.

Also, what is it with ppl going all “omg Jensen’s hair is sooo long” It is not THAT long. Sure it’s not as short as Dean’s hair, but after all the statements of “omg long hair” I expected something like Dawson’s Creek hair or some hairstyle like Jared!

Jared and Jensen autographs:
As usually, I don’t have much to report about the Jensen autograph… I got my Ten Inch Hero poster signed, I handed him the poster, he signed it, I said “thank you” he looked up and smiled… That was it. Very uneventful.

Jared on the other hand was different (as always lol) I brought my huge Friday the 13th poster to get signed and as I handed it to him he was like “oh yeah… alright” (you know, in his uber-hyper-cheery Jared tone lol ) and then he stared a few seconds at the poster, searched for the right spot and signed it. And I figured, what the hell, you have to say something. So, I said “It was awesome, I really enjoyed the movie” And he looked up, smiled at me and said “Awesome. Thank you for watching, It was so much fun to do” And, I know, I say this every time after I meet Jared, but what I really, really like about him is, that he gives you his full attention, he looks at you and he really seems interested in what you have to say. And he won’t stop looking at you or giving you his attention until you leave. And just then he moves on the the next person.
So, I thanked him again, and then moved along. (also… his smile? KILLS) *g*

I am really, really bummed that angels_cordy and I had no luck with getting the Coffee Lounge tickets! I would have LOVED to be there (probably like half of all the other ppl at the con lol ) But man, one day I really want to have the opportunity to chat with him more than just a few seconds. And I mean really CHAT not just say some standard statement he probably hears five hundred times during a convention.

So anyway…b/c I am already in full Jared mode… I have a NICE Jared story to tell!! And I think this moment will always be one of my most memorable con moments ever.
So… I had three photo ops with Jared. I bought two online (you remember the whole “OMG there are only 600 tickets, we need to get them” day? Well.. as it turned out, they sold quite a lot more tix at the con. And since they even had some tickets left (on Saturday evening) I bought another photo for Sunday.

Jared looks awesome on both Saturday pics. The first pic I took was a smile pic, and he looks adorable. As for the second one I asked him to give me evil!Sam. So he did his hand thingy and posed. And since I just didn’t want to stand there and smile dumbly at the camera I look at him in shock like “omg SAM was are you doing” I’m telling you, this pic turned out so awesome… it is so funny lol I am not sure if I want to post it though… cause let’s be honest, it would make the rounds on LJ and I am not sure if I really want that with my personal pic. Even the photographer was like “yeah, aright, this looks awesome.” lol

Okay… NOW for Sunday. As I walked up to Jared he was like “wait, wait… I need to freshen up” Also, the photographer just changed something on his camera. So, I was standing there, right beside Jared, waiting. He reached into his bag, pulled out a small deodorant spray aka cooling spray (or whatever that was… I don’t know how to describe it) And he turns to me and says “Sorry, I sweat. A LOT. I need to freshen up” and he slightly lifted his shirt at the front, reached with his hand under it and sprayed. AND smiled goofily. As he was done, he reached back and did the same with his back. And I was standing RIGHT THERE lol And as he sprayed he was playfully twitching in his chair, giggling and going all “uhhh uhhh.. that is cold” LOL
I DIED! I SERIOUSLY DIED RIGHT THERE IN THAT SPOT! And then, as he was all done, he turns back to me, smiles and says “all done” AND he smiles so brightly at me, his eyes sparkled. I know, this is creepy fangirl talk right now, but it was the perfect smile. So we both got into position again and the photographer says to me “try not to sniffle too much” LOL And I am cracking up and then he took the pic lol So, I look all “hihi omg…” in the pic. BUT Jared looks so utterly amazing. It is the perfect pic of him. He smiles brightly and fresh, eyes clear and sparkly, hair somehow in perfect shape (and if you are familiar with Jared’s hairdos that’s not always a given ROFL)
I am telling you, it is the perfect Jared pic. And I am so happy about it. And combined with that story… it was just a great moment lol
Leave it to Jared to freshen up during the photo ops while he’s sitting right there, with a fan, doing conversation *happy sigh*

Alright, this was part one of my report. I am just too exhausted to write more right now, but I just wanted to share some experiences with you.

More to come.

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