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L.A Convention Update SUNDAY

ramble post about Sunday at the convention :-D You know… THE day!! g

My personal experiences with the boys… lots of squeeing… a VERY awkward Danneel Harris story… meeting MISHA… ohhh and my five minutes of fame!!! (you are curious now, aren’t ya? lol )

Alright.... the convention is officially over and an exhausting but AWESOME day is coming to an end.

MAN…. I saw Jared and Jensen… I got a J2 sandwich pic and I saw Misha LIVE (and also had a photo op with him) Seriously, what more does a girl need, right?

I’m not gonna talk about the panels cause you’ll get tons of info about these in all the awesome and detailed reports out there! So, just let me tell you about the personal stuff like photo ops etc.

Well… first of all… I like most of my pictures *g* I mean, Jared looks kinda strange in some of them (as in making a weird face) but at least I got a hug picture… and I didn’t even ask for it. LOL So yes, I had both of my arms wrapped around his whole upper body. Man… I just can repeat what everyone else’s saying… he is so muscled and fit!! MAN! *happy sigh*

The Jensen pic was pretty much uneventful. Went up to him, said hi… he asked me how I was doing… I said “great” we took the pic and that’s pretty much it. But I was impressed… he was way more relaxed about everything, joked around…. smiled and even threw his arm around ppl. I mean did he ever do that at a Creation con before? Usually he always just sits there, his hands on his lap and all. But nope, not at this con.

The J2 pic… MAN I was so nervous. And it was so damn awesome. Funny little story:
I was standing there, waiting for my turn, and the girl in front of me was so little. So they both crouched down to take the pic with her. And as they were standing up again, they mimed two sumo wrestlers, stomping their feet into the ground *lol* And here I was, standing there, waiting and waiting… and trying not to laugh my ass off as they were goofing around LOL Did I mention that I LOVE them? Like very very much? Yes? Okay then!! lol Causing seeing the goofing around first handed while only standing 2 feet away? Is the best thing ever!! LOL
Yeah, as they were done behaving like 5 year olds they both smiled at me and said “oh uhm hi! How are you” LOL And I was still having my giggling fit and just managed to mumble something like “well, now I’m good” lol Oh boys...

So yep, these were my photo op experiences with the guys *g*

The panels were SO damn awesome!! I’ve never seen Jensen this relaxed at a con! He was constantly joking around and goofing off… :D And later with Jared on stage he even had a laughing fit until he was all red in the face and tears were streaming down his face!! ROFL

Jared was his usual self on stage… all smiley and talking a mile per minute!!! And he looked SO SO pretty and handsome in his black shirt!! *happy dreamy sigh* He got some good questions, too! In fact, he even got more question than Jensen this time (I think!)

Autographs were pretty rushed. Since we were in Row O we didn’t have much time. BUT there’s quite a good story there. Did you read that Danneel was sitting behind Jensen the whole time, basically lurking around and always looking over his shoulder what he was doing? It was like a watch dog or something *rolls eyes*
So well, my friend faith_mars had the Ten Inch Hero script with her to get signed. And Jensen was signing it and then looked up to faith_mars asking her if she wants Danneel's signature as well! And faith_mars said yes. So, Jensen turned around, asking Danneel “Danni you wanna sign it too?” And she was like “Uhm… well… No, I don’t think so” and he went on “Oh come on, it’s TIH, u were in it” and she looked awkwardly at him and said “No, I don’t know… I mean…..” and he interrupted her again "Oh come on” and again she looked very uncomfortable and said “I mean, she probably doesn't want my signature on it anyway” And then faith_mars finally had enough and said “well, if you don’t want to...” and Jensen just handed the script and a pen back at Danneel and then FINALLY she signed it!! What a drama!! I mean, if you are in a movie, you should be proud of it and should be happy to sign stuff like this. But no… she made such a drama about it and literally held up the line with that although my friend instantly said "yes" to the idea of her signing it as well. *sigh* Seriously, I don’t get this woman and the big deal about this :-/

ETA: Since all this Danneel bashing's going on since the con, I just want to make it clear that this is not a bashing about her being at the convention in general. I just found it more than odd that she was sitting at the autographs the whole time, eyeing a lot of ppl cautiously. Plus she was bored to death, so why go through it all? But I expected her being at the con, so it wasn't a surprise for me that she was there ;-)

Other than that the autograph session was quite uneventful. Except for Jared b/c he AGAIN went on about my self-made poster and thought it was very cool and wow-ed it two times! :-) So yeah… that’s my Jared. And I actually love that although Creation was rushing things like crazy, he always takes his time to look up at the person, smiles at them, saying hi and then even looks closely at the stuff he’s signing. It makes ppl feel like he really cares and is interested…

So… one of the last panels was Misha’s!! This man is gorgeous! So witty and funny… he knows what he’s talking about (although he sometimes has the slight tendency to ramble and then loses the thread entirely. ) And apparently he knows about slash and even read one story LOL He praised the Supernatural set and the boys a bunch of times and you could really feel that they are all friends and get along perfectly!

I’m still so damn overwhelmed that I actually met him!! It feels so surreal!! And he looks so handsome. His blue eyes are to die for. And I’m glad he’s as nice as I’ve imagined him to be!!

OH BUT THE BEST PART of the weekend was actually at the very end as they showed the final two music videos of the music video competition. They said that they saved the two best videos for last. So, they started showing the first of these two final videos and faith_mars turns to me and asked what I would do if I’d actually win!! (well you have to know, I sent in a video a few months ago *g* ) And I was like “Yeah well, I haven’t really thought about it, cause I know I’m not gonna win…”
And then they announced the last winner… and they fucking called my name!! LOL I was stunned! I mean… wow!! The guy from Creation went on and on about how awesome the video was and of course I needed to win. So, I actually had to get on stage to get my 100$ prize and the official certificate and had to announce the video and all. OH MAN. I’ve never talked in front of a crowed before!! It was awkward.
And then they showed MY video on the HUGE screen.!! I think I was grinning throughout the whole thing… cause DUDE! It was freaking awesome to win this!! Actually, I still can’t believe it!!!

Oh another thing about Jared and Jensen (yeah, I just remembered) there aren’t any projects lined up for them this summer… so they will have an 100% vacation time. And they even mentioned all the cons they are scheduled for! So I’m pretty sure they won’t cancel and will actually combine all these trips with a vacation as well!!

Man, I think right now there’s so much I forgot about this weekend , so I’ll probably post more in the next few days! If you have any questions or want to know something in particular, just ask!!

Oh and I met so much ppl this weekend!! But I’ll make another post about this when I’m not so tired and all!!!

But yeah… for now… that’s it, I guess!! I loved this con. The guests were awesome and the ppl I hang out with were so effing awesome!! :) We seriously had a blast!!!

Tomorrow angels_cordy , faith_mars, takemejustasiam and I will head to Santa Monica and do a little shopping and sightseeing before we have to go to the airport in the early evening to actually go back home! :-( DO NOT WANT!!

PCD is already hitting me very hard and I’m so sad that this weekend is over!! :-(
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