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Fic: Are You Ready to Give Up Everything Chap. 5

Title: Are You Ready to Give Up Everything
Author: tinkabell007
Rating: R (just to be safe for language)
Pairing: LoVe
Summary: Set during Logan’s kidnapping scene in 2.08. What if someone came for his rescue? But that’s just the beginning of a night full of life-threatening danger
Disclaimer: RT, you’re the man…everything belongs to him.
Spoilers: Up to Ahoy Mateys (2.08)

Previous chapters:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

THANK YOU moirariordan for the beta :-)


Chapter 5

Logan was the first one who pulled back. Although he didn’t want to lose the feeling of Veronica’s body tenderly entangled with his, he had to let go of her. Her scent still surrounded every fiber of his being as he tried to catch her gaze. He wanted to see her face - wanted to read her emotions. But he couldn’t. Not because he had lost the ability of reading her, but more due to the fact that she had turned away from him. He didn’t understand. She had been the one who had initiated the second hug. And now? Did she regret it? Was she ashamed of it?

But then, he saw her wet cheeks, shimmering in the faint light of the moon.

She was crying again.

Logan stepped closer and laid one hand on her shoulder, squeezing it softly. He immediately felt her body tensing under his touch but he still prompted her to turn around. She was still looking at the ground, desperately avoiding his eyes.

“It’s okay.” Logan whispered so faintly that he wasn’t sure if she’d heard him.

Veronica didn’t respond. But she didn’t move away from him either.

Logan took that as a good sign. He smiled a little and slipped his sleeve over one of his palms. Gently, he brushed away the last few tears on her cheeks, never letting her out of sight. He registered a small smile on her lips.

“God, I’m such a girl,” she sobbed.

“And that’s a good thing,” Logan answered gladly and gave her his brightest smile.

Finally, she lifted her head and rubbed her teary eyes. “What? Me crying like a baby?” she asked softly.

“No,” he said confidently “You, being a girl.”

Her eyes sparkled interrogatively up to him.

“You know, Mars, considering the things we did last summer, you would have hidden it very well,” he said and gave her a perky grin.

Veronica burst into laughter. “Well, who knows? Meet Veronica Mars, always good for a surprise.”

“Yeah, that you are,” he whispered as his fingers played with a strand of her hair. “That you are…” Her hair was all messy and her eyes were puffy red, but she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Logan smiled at her again as he loosened his grip on her shoulder.

She stepped back and shoved her hands into the back pockets of her jeans. The air was filled with electricity and again, an uncomfortable haze was spreading around them. She pulled her hands irresolutely out again and dropped back on the bench. Logan placed himself next to her.

“You know what’s sad…” Veronica said. It was more a statement than a question.

“That all inhabitants of the zoo are smarter than Lamb?” he mocked and she instantly flashed him a smile

“Well, that’s not sad, that’s a rule of thumb,” she retorted.

“Right! Then enlighten me, Veronica Mars. What’s so sad?” he asked playfully.

She hesitated a few seconds before she continued. “Somehow it’s just sad that it needed a night full of fear and life-threatening suspense for us to open up. You know, this was the first real and honest conversation we’ve had in months.”

Logan peeked at her from the corners of his eyes and shrugged. He pressed his lips together as his gaze drifted off to the open water. It felt strange. Here he was, sitting with the girl he loved and hated so much. There was no other person in his entire universe that had made him feel that way. Before Veronica, either he liked someone or not. That’s it. No mixed up feelings. Nothing. But she, of course, had to change his strict philosophy. He didn’t know how to respond.

“Logan?” Veronica asked softly.

He finally looked back at her and met her green-blue sparkled eyes. He could drown within these eyes. “You know…” he whispered tangently. “It wasn’t exactly a two-way opening up party.”

She tilted her head slightly and questioned him with her eyes.

“Why did you break up with me, Veronica?” His voice was shakier than ever. ‘Now or never,’ he thought to himself. ‘This is your chance, Logan! Don’t fuck it up now...’

Veronica didn’t see that coming.

“You know, for a long time I thought you just stopped caring. One day, you just woke up and realized that today was the day you get rid of the emotional ballast I’ve been.”

She winced at his statement, but she remained silent.

He continued. “Well, then I had this idea…” He affected a laugh. “I remembered you telling me that every once in a while you had to be alone. And I did understand. Really, I did. After the year you’ve had, you needed to be alone. I accepted it, because I thought you would get over it eventually and we would be reunited.” Logan ran a hand through his hair and avoided looking at her.

Veronica swallowed hard. ‘Come on, Veronica,’ she thought ‘I am so gonna kick your girly ass if you’ll cry again’ She pressed her lips tightly together as his voice sank deeper in her mind.

“Well…” he said, sighing. “One night, Dick, Beav and I were cruising around town, looking for our next bar-stop when Dick dropped the bomb.”

Veronica always has asked herself how he had heard about Duncan and her. And now, she knew.

“He said it as if it was the most casual thing in the world.” Logan screwed his eyes shut at the memory. He fisted his hands so hard that his knuckles grew white. “By the way, Logan, your best friend and that Veronica chick are back together.” He whispered. Even it had been a month ago, he still knew exactly how his heart had ached in that very moment.

He looked at her, searchingly. A lot of emotions were written all over her face. He curved his lips to a smile because he hadn’t lose the ability to read her. There was guilt. Oh yeah, it was screaming all over her face. Then, there was sadness and… a slight haze of sorrow?

“Veronica, why did you break up with me?” He asked her again, beseechingly.

“Oh, come on,” she finally interrupted his monologue. “Do we really have to do this? Here…now?”

“Hey, not ten minutes ago I was a fucking emotional wreck.” he said, then paused. “So don’t pull this ‘here and now’ shit on me, Mars. I think it’s your turn of a little truth telling here.”

‘Okay, Logan. You want the truth? Then listen up…’ Veronica thought to herself. She took a deep breath as if she was preparing herself for battle and chewed tensely on her bottom lip.

Chapter 6
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