tinkabell007 (tinkabell007) wrote,

wow... December seems to be a popular birthday season, huh? :D

Dee!!! Have an AWESOME day today!!! Lots of naked Jared celebration and fun!!! :D


Also, MOAR Christmas cards arrived yesterday and today!! Thank you daydreamer1984, speedcat93, eilan and havemy_heart Your cards are so adorable and cute!!! :D

AND a huge thank you to deanvica23 The magazine with the boys is awesome :D I love it!! :D Also huge thanks for your sweet J2 birthday card and the kick-ass Christmas card! *hugs*

And now I’m off watching Baby!Neil Patrick Harris in “Doogie Howser M.D.” (some very special ladies got me the dvds for my birthday b/c I was dying to see this :D I hope you did get my text msgs girls :D )

Anyone else seen Neil in this show? *iz curious*
Tags: bday, christmas, nph
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