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Eyecon 2: Report

YAY, I can't believe that I'm already done with my Florida and Eyecon report :) Usually it takes me a few weeks *lol* So yeah... here are my thoughts about our Florida trip and the convention :-)

Okay, where to start?! Maybe by the fact that Orlando was pretty much awesome again?

I really should start with the most important stuff, right? But as I’m a tease, you’ll get a full on report about the days before the con as well :P

All the flights went quite okay this time. Maybe except for the one from Philadelphia to Orlando. We had a two hours delay. But the most annoying part about this was the fact that we were already sitting in the plane, waiting for take off. It was fucking hot and there was nowhere else to go but wait and sit it out *sigh* So yeah, that really sucked. But the days that followed pretty much erased this bad memory :D

On Thursday, Marion and I went to Sea World. It’s been ten years since I was there… so it was pretty amazing to see it all again! :) I petted and fed a dolphin!! Weeeh! There was even a short and quite funny discussion if Marion should bring one home with her… *lol* We also saw all the shows and went to the penguin house (where again a discussion broke free … this time of me bringing one home lol ) But even the argument that the dolphin and the penguin could play with each other wasn’t much of a persuasion *g*

So… dolphin and penguin free (at least if you don’t count the stuffed animals we bought) we went back to the hotel, went shopping at Target and later that evening, Marion, Stef and I drove to the Ale House where the Supernatural live viewing took place!!! I saw my show LIVE! For the very first time!!! *dances* And it was awesome. Now I want to go to the US every Thursday to watch the show live!! LOL I’m stilling working on the travelling money though. So I guess this whole plan won’t work until season 14 or 15 *lol*

Friday: Marion and I went to Island of Adventures again to do all the rides we didn’t have time for last April. :) After that we went to the Hard Rock Café to grab something to eat, before again, we left for the hotel.

Registration was in the late afternoon and everything went quite smoothly and quickly. :) And that was not only the theme for the whole weekend but it also was the beginning of the convention :)
In the evening we went to the screening of Chad’s movie “My Big Break” I’m very fond of the movie. It was very realistic and honest and gave a glance behind the scene of the oh-so-glamorous Hollywood life. I was really impressed by it. And, as a lot of ppl already mentioned it, Chad was definitely the heart of the whole production. Guess I really do see Chad from a different, and much better, angel now.

Jim Beaver and Ghostfacers were pretty much the theme of the day. Jim Beaver was great as always. It was the third time that I had the pleasure to meet this guy and he never stops to impress me. I love his humour and his appreciation and admiration for the boys. :)He truly is a sweetheart, always knows what to respond. And you could truly see that he enjoys being at the convention and meeting the fans.

After this, there was a short presentation for the Eyecon Cruise. Nothing really new… just the fact that Chad was present as well and gave his hilarious Cruise-impression (as in “Tom Cruise” lol)

Ghooooostfacers!!! That was the next panel!!! These guys are hilarious!! They are like mini-versions of Jared and Jensen. Whereas Travis is Jared (seriously, this guy couldn’t sit still even if his life would depend on it lol He put his chair aside after ten minutes and said that he just couldn’t sit… this of course resulted in him jumping around the stage all the time lol ) And A.J. is like Jensen. (a little more serious when it’s needed, not as restless as Travis, but always a funny remark on his lips) I think this panel was even funnier and better than their panel at Asylum *lol* (if that’s even possible) And OF COURSE they sang the Ghostfacers theme song … AND did their slow walk. I think the question about the theme song was even one of the first questions *lol* And they had a good laugh about it and said that they thought it would take us a little bit longer to ask for it.

After the panels… I had my photo op with Chad. And he went all Ash-style in the picture! /me like lol

Later that afternoon I also had my picture taken with Travis and the Ghostfacers. And to my surprise all turned out quite good!! It’s really a first one for me. In fact… There’s only one picture of this whole convention I don’t like. (and yes, of course it’s a Jared one lol ) But more about this later.

After the photo ops were over we went to the mall and grabbed something to eat. Marion and I decided to relax a little bit in the mall and our room b/c we were not that much interested in the afternoon panels while Stef went back to the con for the panels.

In the evening, the banquet took place. And I really, really wanted to sit at Travis’ table. But unfortunately by the time it was our turn to get into the room, his table was already full, so Marion and I went for the next best thing… which was A.J. And as it turned out, the both of them couldn’t even sit apart at the banquet… Travis and A.J.’s table were basically one big table. So, we pretty much got the full Ghostfacers program at the banquet.
We talked a little bit with A.J. He was very impressed that we came all the way from Austria. He told us that he went backpacking a few years ago through Europe and that he really liked it. And that he’ll fly to Budapest on Wednesday for a location shoot. We also talked a little bit about L.A.

At one point, he ordered a beer and we all complained that there’s no bar this time and that we don’t get any alcohol. And he said that he’ll take care of it *lol* He waved the waiter to our table and after a short discussion with him he said that he just ordered a whole round of shots for his and Travis’ table and that it’s all on him. So yeah… and about 5 minutes later we all got a double lemon shot *gg* Go A.J.! You truly know the way to a woman's heart, don’t you? :D So yeah, our table was truly the coolest :P

Later, also Chad and Fredric came by our table. Fred even knows German and spoke a few words *g*

After the banquet the Platinum party took place. Travis, A.J. and Chad played Rock Band! And I think it was THE worst presentation ever *lol* Really funny… but oh so terrible LOL

Thank God for Steve’s concert after the Platinum party. THAT’S what music should sound like. Of course I had no luck with “I’ll remember you” I swear to you, one day I need to go to a regular concert where he’s equipped with his piano as well.

And now… the day you’ve all been waiting for. Sunday!! Or as I preferred to call it: OMG it’s Jared day!!!

He’s a total sweetheart! Well, duh!! I first saw him at the hunter’s shot. And the first thing I recognized was his new haircut! Which I love!!! Also, the picture itself turned out pretty amazing. I went for a though and mean hunter’s pic and Jim and Jared look awesome. I really love this pic!!! As it was my turn for the picture, I gave my bag to the steward and went up to the guys. I guess Jim didn’t see me at first, and as I said a loud and friendly Good Morning to the both of them, he jerked around all surprised and said “Ohhh hey” *lol* Jared just giggled and said “Yeah, good morning indeed!” Clearly mocking Jim LOL It was hilarious.

After I got out of the photo op room, I instantly queued again for the single Jared pictures. Luckily Marion and Stef were still in line, so I didn’t had to go all the way back to the end of the line :)

Well, I guess I’m doomed of not being able to get a normal, happily smiling pic done with Jared, right? That’s gotta be the reason, b/c the first pic I took with him, turned out not as planed. I mean, I look definitely better in this pic than the one back in April. But I’m still not 100% happy with it.
BUT… but!!! For the second picture I asked if he could give his famous “I lost my shoe” impression and he giggled! (YES, he giggled. And let me tell you, when this man giggles his whole body kinda does lol I still had my arm around him at this point, so I really felt all his muscles shaking of laughter. *insert crazy fangirl moment here*
Anyway, we turned to face the camera again and gave a very heartfelt pouting impression. The second the picture was done, Jared started laughing again and said that it was awesome. Reluctantly I let go of him (I KNOW, it sucks, right? *sigh* ) thanked him and walked away.

The I lost my shoe pic turned out awesome. I guess I even have to frame it and put it on my wall :D

Jared’s panel was early in the afternoon. Again, I won’t go much into detail, b/c there are ppl out there who pretty much have transcripts of the panel. The only thing I really need to mention is the beginning of the panel and the special gifts (especially the chess game, the donation in his name as well as the photo op book) Jared was so moved and truly speechless. I guess that’s a very rare phenomenon of him being speechless b/c usually this man NEVER shuts up. lol
He said that he had a eight hour flight to Orlando, and then a eight hour flight back to Vancouver, basically staying in Orlando for less than a day. So, he asked himself what the hell he was even doing there, but then he sees the fans and all the love and appreciation we have for him and he remembers why he’s doing all of this. And he was happy being back and loved that he’s able to give something back to us, to see our love for the show and that he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else :)
*Jared love*

Anyway… the panel went by waaay to quickly. I also have to mention that I didn’t take any pics this time b/c a) the light is not that great for my camera and b) I completely focused on taping all of the panel this time. So yeah… that’s the reason why you won’t find any pics here this time.

After Jared’s panel it was time for the autograph session. Again, like last time, I had a special poster designed *lol* And Jared had a good laugh about it. (Will post a pic of it later *g* )

And that was pretty much my Jared day. Way too short… BUT awesome nevertheless.

Sunday afternoon we went to Chad’s and Steve’s panel. And this was pretty much the end of the convention *sad sigh*

In the evening Marion and I went to Best Buy. And I guess it’s just a given that our trips to Best Buy are special b/c somehow we have the weirdest and most funniest conversations on our way there. LOL I even laughed tears at some point *lol* So yeah, Best Buy rules :D

We ended our day at the hotel bar with your traditional Cosmopolitans.

I can’t believe that this weekend is already over and that I’m back home. Luckily I was able to meet quite a few ppl from my flist again! *group hug* Hope to see you all soon some day!! :) I miss you already *sad puppy face*

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