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26 December 2005 @ 11:27 pm
Fic: Are You Ready to Give Up Everything Chap. 3  
Title: Are You Ready to Give Up Everything
Author: tinkabell007
Rating: R (just to be safe for language)
Pairing: LoVe
Summary: Set during Logan’s kidnapping scene in 2.08. What if someone came for his rescue? But that’s just the beginning of a night full of life-threatening danger
Disclaimer: RT, you’re the man…everything belongs to him.
Spoilers: Up to Ahoy Mateys (2.08)

Previous chapters:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

As always a HUGE thank you to Meagan for the awesome beta-ing :)


Chapter 3

Keith was exhausted. It was after two in the moring when he finally pulled into the parking lot of his apartment complex. Why had he tried to go after the mugger in the first place? This was not exactly his usual work. He was not twenty anymore and such a chase, especially by foot, could have killed him. Not because of the knife the man had brandished, but more because of the raging heart in his chest. But hey, these are the things you have to do to impress a woman. And in the end, all the trouble paid off, judging by the phone number burning a hole in his wallet.

Since Alicia had dumped him, he had felt…lonely. Though, Keith had no intentions to call the woman he had met this night, because, truthfully, he was still in love with Alicia. After all, sometimes it was just nice to get the attention of the opposite sex.

Keith smiled as he locked his car and strolled to his apartment. He just hoped that Veronica wasn’t too worried that it took him so long to get home.

He whistled a song he heard on the radio earlier that night while he got closer to his doorway. Suddenly, he stopped whistling as he registered a shadow in the corner of his eye. He wanted to reach for his weapon but the shadow was faster, stepping out of the darkness and pulling out a gun.

“I wouldn’t do that, Mr. Mars,” Weevil said.


“Did I what?” Veronica asked, confused. “Did I read what?”

“Well, the letter,” Duncan answered with a monotone voice.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Duncan.”

Logan eyed Veronica suspiciously. As soon as he had heard that Duncan was on the phone, he had rolled his eyes and expected some sweet talk. But now, as the conversation continued, he got more and more curious.

“You didn’t find my letter?” Duncan asked, surprised.

“Duncan, what the hell are you talking about? What letter? I didn’t find a letter.”

“The letter he left on the couch table,” Logan interrupted. “I saw it when I left the hotel room earlier.”

“Read the letter, I’ll call you tomorrow,” he said, then paused. “And Veronica? I’m sorry.” These were the last words before Duncan hung up.

Veronica was completely puzzled. She had no clue what this was all about. What letter? And why would Duncan leave her a letter in the first place? She was supposed to visit him after work, but with Logan’s emergency, she never made it.

“Do you know anything about this?” Veronica questioned Logan, who took another sip of his beer.

“I just saw the letter he left for you on the table. You know, before he went to see his parents.”

“He what?” she shouted out loud, while her eyes grew wider. “He went to Napa?”

“You didn’t know?”

“No, he never told me. I was supposed to meet him later. He never mentioned anything about going to Napa.”

“Well, maybe it’s in the letter,” shrugged Logan.

“Well, I guess this has to wait until the current crisis is behind us.” She looked disappointed and Logan registered sadness in her voice. “On the topic, what do you know? Any ideas about who they are?” she asked, in game face again.

“My best bet, since they were questioning me about Felix and all, would be that they were some biker buddy asses of Weev’s.”

“Did you recognize any of their voices?” Last year, Veronica wouldn’t even consider Weevil being a part of this. But after everything that had happened since summer, it wouldn’t surprise her much.


“Anything unusual? Like tattoos, jewellery…”


Veronica took a deep breath. “Did they mention any names?”

“No,” he answered again.

She snorted and rolled her eyes.

“Well, I’m sorry. I want to see you focusing on the details when someone threatens to blow some special body parts of yours away!” His words weren’t harsh.

“Sorry. I just… I mean… can you give me anything to work with? Because right now, it seems that they know more about you… and apparently also me. And we have nothing.”

“Wait…” Logan rose from his seat and paced around the deck. “There was someone on the phone,” he said, scratching his forehead.

Veronica examined him, her brain running on overdrive.

“As they were questioning me, they had someone on the other line. But I don’t know who it was. They never called the person by its name.”

Veronica looked up to meet his eyes. “Well that’s weird, but unfortunately doesn’t help either.”


“So, where are you taking me?” Keith asked with a calm voice. He was back in his car with Weevil next to him on the passenger seat.

“You’ll know it when we get there,” he answered briefly. The gun was still aimed at Keith. “Take the next one to the left.”


Veronica and Logan were still on the boat, trying to figure out their next move. Logan couldn’t recall any more memories about his kidnappers. Basically, they were back at square one.

“Are you hungry?” Logan asked.

“Not so much.”

“Well, I could order pizza. Have a little pizza party or something? Invite some neighbors and make our last few hours on this earth enjoyable.” He joked, stretching his arms “You know, since the last time I was on this boat, there wasn’t much fun in the air.”

“Oh my god, can you for like two seconds just stop joking and take this more serious?” Veronica snapped and stood up to face him.

“I am serious.” He took another sip of his beer. Actually, it was already his second bottle and with two more sips it would be empty as well.

Veronica just shook her head. She couldn’t believe this. Not two hours ago, someone tried to kill them and now here he was drinking and joking. “I don’t get it,” she yelled at him. “Do you even realize what happened? I mean, do you even care? I know you have all your little death wishes going on but reality check, anyone?” She crossed her arms in defense and pulled her jacket a little tighter around her.

“Cheers! To the reality!” He lifted the beer playfully before he emptied it with one big gulp. He placed the bottle on the table, gave her a teasing grin and went straight for the refigerator to get another one.

“God, what’s wrong with you?” She yelled after him even louder. Her eyes shot fierily at Logan as he reappeared with a new bottle in his hand. “They just threatened to kill you, me, my best friend, my dad…” She felt a lump in her throat and swallowed heavily.

“Uh… well, then maybe it was a mistake rushing to my rescue,” he replied angry, looking right into her eyes.

“I didn’t say that,” She defended herself. She knew exactly where this conversation was heading to.

“But that’s what you meant, right?” He smashed the bottle in the water and grabbed both of her arms, holding her tight - but not too tight to hurt her. “Come on, Ronnie, were you ready to give up everything? Because obviously, you’ve tried to. Do you know how dangerous it was to come there - holding a gun? By the way, what’s up with that? Since when do you have a gun? And who taught you how to handle it?” Logan was furious and the questions just poured out of him. “Do you know how it feels like to lose everything? I mean, really everything in your life that makes any sense?”

“How can you even ask me that?! You know my past; you know everything that had happened.” Her face hardened and her eyes sparkled challengingly.

“Yeah, well, you have still people in your life that care about you.” Suddenly, the conversation was not only about the events of the night anymore. “And that’s more than I can say for me,” He added sharply.

“So, this is where your little death wish comes from?” she yelled back and freed herself from his grip.

He was taken by surprise – at least for a few seconds. He just stared at her and considered his options. On the one hand, he just could clarify it once and for all, that he didn’t want to kill himself. But where would be the fun in opening up completely, right? Therefore, he went for option B. “Come on, V. Just give me one good reason why this fucking life is worth living it. One. Good. Reason.” He glared at her with sparkling eyes as well, while his breath pitched to a higher level.

“Me.” Her voice was soft, and suddenly all the anger was gone.

Logan’s face went blank. He swallowed hard. He expected her to insult him or tell him how wonderful it was to be a breathing member of Mother Earth. But she surprised him. Again. That’s what he loved most about her. The unpredictable, the girl with her own mind. He recalled the times when he was dating Caitlin. Dumb, dull and big-headed. Most of the time he was deadly bored as she babbled about nail polish or hair extensions. But Veronica was different. He could never tell which words would pass her lips next. Yes, he maybe knew how to read the emotions on her face, but when it came to her mind, he was always clueless.

Veronica waited for him to respond. But as it seemed that Logan wouldn’t answer her, she continued.

“You wanted to know why I placed a tracer in your watch?” She asked with a shaky voice. “Well, this is why. Your little death wish spurred me to do it. I wanted to be ready when…” her voice trailed off.

“So you can come and watch?” he snorted. He was also very good at putting his game face back on. “You wanted a seat in the first row when the idiot, who accidently fell in love with you over the summer but got too boring after precious Duncan came back into the picture, finally finds his guts and jumps off the next bridge?” He knew that he wasn’t making any sense and that this was far from her intentions. But he was just too furious to stop his words. And as soon as they were out, he regretted them.

Veronica just stared at him. Her eyes already filled with water and her lips were trembling “No,” she said under her breath. “I just meant… I…” She stumbled. She wanted to say so much to him, but she couldn’t find the words. ‘Is this really what he was thinking?’ was the only thought that was floating through her mind. She let out a soft sob and shook her head in disbelief.

Logan shifted slightly as he watched her stepping back. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, reached out for her and pulled her to his chest. She wanted to fight it, wanted to get away from him but after his skin connected with hers, she threw her arms around his back and held him tight. The tears pouring out her eyes were soaked up by his shirt. He held her even tighter and rested his head on her shoulder. “I’m really sorry,” he whispered in her ear again as tears were streaming down his own cheeks.

They stood there for minutes, conforting each other.

Veronica finally pulled back and wiped the last few tears away. She looked at him; his eyes were still puffy and red-rimmed.

“I don’t have a death wish, okay?” he said in a whisper.

His answer was very different than Veronica had expected. “Then what’s up with that stupid attitude? Why don’t you take these things more serious? Instead of making jokes…” She asked softly and tried to touch his cheek.

He flinched and took a deep breath. “Because…” his voice trailed off. He stepped back again and shoved his hands in his pockets. “Do you remember the conversation we had just before summer break? When you told me that when things get bad, you have to be alone?” He looked up to meet her eyes.

She was looking at him full of questions and nodded slightly.

He glanced back to the ground. “Well… this is what I do. This is how I handle things… making fun of them.” He lifted his head again and held her gaze this time. “Otherwise, it would just kill me inside.” His lips trembled and at that moment, he looked completely vulnerable.

Veronica swallowed hard as tears were forming in her eyes again. She forced them back and didn’t know what to say. They were just alike. Doing stupid things and hurting the ones they love in the process.

“And I’m sorry that you had to risk everything in your life to help me… again.” He added softly while he slid one hand through his hair.

Veronica felt the urge to grab him and just kiss him. She wanted to hold him tight and never let him go again. When she broke up with him, she’d thought that he’d snap out of his self-destructing path, that he’d wake up and be the real Logan again. The one that was kind and sweet and not bitter. Not the jackass he had been after Lilly died. But Veronica couldn’t move. She was now with Duncan. It was her choice and she was a faithful person. And as much as she wanted to press her lips against him, feeling his soft skin and tender touch, she couldn’t. Instead, she closed the gap between them and pulled him in another tight embrace.

However, neither of them noticed the pair of eyes that tracked their every single movement.

Chapter 4