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24 December 2005 @ 08:18 pm
Fic: Are You Ready to Give Up Everything Chap. 2  
Title: Are You Ready to Give Up Everything
Author: tinkabell007
Rating: R (just to be safe for language)
Pairing: LoVe
Summary: Set during Logan’s kidnapping scene in 2.08. What if someone came for his rescue? But that’s just the beginning of a night full of life-threatening danger
Disclaimer: RT, you’re the man…everything belongs to him.
Spoilers: Up to Ahoy Mateys (2.08)

Previous chapters:
Chapter 1

And again, Meagan, thank you so much for the beta!!! :-)


Chapter 2

The phone was ringing.

Once, twice…

“Come on,” Veronica hissed.

Three times, four times…

“Pick up… please,” she pleaded.

But her wish remained unfullfilled. She listened to the message on her dad’s mail box.

‘You’ve reached Keith Mars – not very successfully though! But hey, you can leave a message and I’ll call you back – eventually.’ Pause. ‘Just kidding!’ Beep.

Veronica smiled slightly. She always told her dad that he should take the mail box message more seriously. Not everyone gets his humor.

“Hey Dad, it’s me,” she said, her voice cracking. And she knew, as soon as her dad would hear her voice, he would be immediately concerned. “Um…” she stumbled. “I found Logan, Dad. I know, you always tell me not to go alone, but after Cliff called and told me what he witnessed and with Backup at the veterinary clinic…”

‘So that’s how she knows what had happened.’ Logan thought while studying her face.

“…anyway, please listen to me. As soon as you get this message, you have to grab some clothes and get out of town. Okay? I know, I’m not making any sense right now, but I promise I’ll explain as soon as I can.” She paused and her gaze got all blurry again. “I love you, Dad. I’ll call you again.”

She hung up and threw the phone back on the backseat. Gripping the steering wheel a little tighter, she turned left.

For a few minutes neither of them spoke. The car was filled with silence, except for the sound of the engine. Veronica checked the side and the rear-view mirrors every few seconds, just to make sure no one was following them.

Finally, Logan broke the silence. “So, Cliff saw what happened?” he asked and turned to face her.

“Yeah, he called me.”

“What exactly did he say?”

“Not much. He was just coming out of a grocery store as he spotted you strolling to your car. Someone knocked you out and threw you in a white van,” she answered, never taking the eyes off the street.

“Um, right. I remember. That stupid van blocked my car.”

“That’s what he told me. He caught the license plate though and I ran it immediately.”


“Well, the car was reported stolen 2 nights ago.”

“Color me not surprised,” snapped Logan. “And how did you find... ”

“…you?” she finished his question. “Honestly? You really don’t wanna know, because you’re gonna be pissed.”

“That would be a new one then,” he replied dryly. “What? Did you bug me or something?” He laughed at his ridiculous thought.

But she didn’t. For the first time since they were driving she glanced at him. “Your watch. I put a tracking device in your watch.”

“What!?” he yelled. His voice was forceful and demanding. “You bugged my fucking watch? When? Noooo, wait. First, tell me why! Why on earth I’m the lucky guy who ends up in your stalker-y fantasies?”

She bit her lower lip. Should she tell him the truth? Would he understand? One night, nearly a week ago, even before the whole River Styx incident ever happened, she had snuck out of Duncan’s bedroom and spotted Logan’s watch on the couch. She already had planned to bug some personal things of his. Just in case…well, just in case something like this would happen.

“Spill it, V,” he prompted her.

She bit her lower lip harder. “Because I knew, some day, something like this would happen.” She gave him half the truth, keeping the main reason to herself. Besides, as boneheaded as he was, he wouldn’t understand her anyway. He never did since their break up last summer.

“So, you just decided to go all Alias on me?” he yelled.

“Look, you can yell at me as much as you like. But first, we have to find a safe location. Okay?”

“Oh, and now you’re talking like some dude from 24.”

“Logan!” She couldn’t believe it. After all he had been through he was still joking.

But Logan noticed the worry in her voice. “Okay, sorry.” He calmed his temper and was thankful that he put the stupid watch on this morning. “What’s our destination anyway?”

“No clue,” she answered honestly.

“Well, what about the marina?” he suggested

“And do what exactly? Ask the mermaids for some backup?” she snapped back at him.

“Aw, that’s sweet. Little Ronnie still believes in mermaids.” He gave her his brightest smile. “How cute.”

She opened her mouth to say something, but he cut her off.

“But actually, I ment my father’s…well I guess now my yacht. I doubt that the bad guys know about it, or at least don’t think that we’d go there.”

Veronica considered his suggestion for a moment and turned the car. “The marina it is.”


“What??” A man dressed in a luxury suit yelled into his phone. “And you let them get away?”

“Sorry, but the chick…she had a gun. We had no choice.” The man on the other end of the phone answered quietly.

“No choice? Oh my God, are you twelve? I really have to reconsider your bad-ass reputation in this town and hire someone with real guts.” He scratched his forehead and leaned back in his black leather chair.

The other line stayed silent.

“So…” he finally asked. “Do you know who that girl was?”

“Yeah, it was Veronica Mars.”

He nearly dropped the phone as he heard the name. A knowing impression was written all over his face. ‘Just coincidence or is this my lucky day? Killing two birds with one stone,’ he thought.

“Nice.” His lips transformed into a smile.


Veronica pulled into the half empty parking area of the marina. She drove to the very end, parked the car as near as possible to the water and killed the engine. While fumbling the key out of the ignition, she opened the door.

Logan followed her.

She grabbed her cell and the bag from the backseat and they both made their way to the yacht.

“Any chances you have the keys with you?” she asked, crossing her arms.

“Jeez, now I know what I’ve forgot this morning.” He answered sarcastically, as he reached under a wooden box which was placed on the rimm of the deck. He pulled out a key and smirked at Veronica.

She pointed the index finger at the box. “That’s very safe, hiding a key under there.”

“Oh come on, the marina has more guards than the actual police office.” He rolled his eyes.

“Good point,” Veronica said as she dropped on the white leather bench. She put her bag on the floor and leaned back. Closing her eyes, she yawned widely.

Logan examined her for a second. Evey inch in his body screamed to just go over to her and take her in his arms. He wanted to hold her, wanted to tuck her hair behind her ears and lose himself in her touch. But he didn’t. Instead, he unlocked the cabin and went straight for the refrigerator. He ripped the door open and grabbed a diet coke and a beer.

As he re-emerged on the deck, Veronica was still in the same position. “Here,” he held the bottle in front of her.

Veronica opened her eyes again and looked up to meet his gaze. She smiled lightly and grabbed the coke. Logan returned the smile and sat down next to her.

Both took a sip of their drinks in silence.

“By the way, you know, thank you,” Logan whispered and stroked her arm softly.

Veronica just nodded. Her mind was racing around the events that happened earlier. Who are those people and why do they know so much about her? Her background, her family and friends…and she was wondering why her dad didn’t pick up the phone.

Logan could see that she was somewhere else. But he couldn’t blame her, because his mind was racing too. Without Veronica’s stupid bug, would he be dead by now? Swimming with the fish in the wide ocean? Nothing made sense anymore. First, he thought they were just after him – because of the whole Felix thing. But they also seemed to know a lot about Veronica.

A breeze blew right in their faces and again, just black silence embraced them.

This time, Veronica was the first one to speak. She put her drink aside and turned to face Logan.

“So…” she started, but was interrupted by her cell phone ringing. She inhaled deeply and picked up. “Dad…?” she asked hopefully.

“No, Veronica. It’s me.”

“Duncan?” Veronica was surprised. She glanced at her watch. “Why are you calling me at 2 in the morning?”

“Have you read it yet?” was his only response.

Chapter 3